Buqs [SF 2.920] Art of War (Yari Alignment Guide)

VERSION: 2.920

SpartanLore: The Yari are made up of mercenaries from all over Balor. They are gifted warriors that function like an army for hire. They have no defined “home”, so the Yari do not fight for pride of country, but for some material reward.

The Yari Alignment very much reminds me of the Spartan Warriors of Ancient Greece in how they function together as a unit. Specializing in attack, as well as protection of their fellow brother in arms. They are unique in that they are a Class Alignment which is available to Human and Shadow Factions allowing for some very diverse builds due to faction card pools.

This guide is an evolving article which will change periodically, depending on balancing card changes or a change in my thought process after playing more with the cards. Special thanks, as always, to Gondorian and TJ Starval for input!

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Card Breakdown: Yari Marksman

Yari Marksman
Warrior Ally
When Yari Marksman is summoned while an opposing player controls at least 3 allies, target ally controlled by that player is killed.

Yari Marksman is one of the newest additions to the Warrior class pool. It is part of the Yari Tribe, which was introduced with its original sole member, Yari Spearmen, back in Dark Prophecies. This ally has a very simple, but potentially devastating effect of instantly killing an opposing ally on Summon

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