Buqs [LL 3.160] Necronomicon (Undead Alignment Guide)




The Undead Alignment is one of the most synergistic alignments in Shadow Era, and also the most versatile. This is most likely due to having available Undead alignment cards as early as Call of the Crystals and having been constantly added with each of the subsequent expansions¬†up to our current Lost Lands Expansion. The tribe in general has an overall feeling of aggression and being hard to get rid of …. completely.

This guide is an evolving article which will change periodically, depending on balancing card changes or a change in my though process after playing more with the cards. Special thanks, as always, to Gondorian, Starval, and BobRoss for input!

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Majiya: Dead Won’t Die (Undead Portal)

Ok so this is a variation of my favorite deck I created during Shadow Era PFG3.

Majiya Portal builds have been around since the beginning of Shadowera, starting in Call of the Crystals and evolving to one of the top Majiya Deck during Dark Prophecies. What makes this deck different is the Undead Tribal Theme.

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Moonstalker – Whip It

With SF and new cards that support undead tribe Moonstalker has become even more annoying. With stealth and damage reduction provided by Grave Resistance Moonstalker’s normally bad match ups are now significantly mitigated making him in my opinion tier 1 hero.

Key Cards: Grave Resistance, Gromm’s Whip

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: 2/5


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Gravebone: Undead Necromancer (Pseudo Haste)

This one originally revolved around Corpse Shifter before evolving to current deck format.

Corpse Shifter – This guy is a monster. He can deal 3 damage to allies or hero with his ability, attack for 2 and the 6 health is nothing to sneeze at. He requires a lot of undead allies for ammo so this is a heavy allied build and we use SK to bring back the undead for continual spam. Continue reading