GGWP are series that follow some of Shadow Era tournaments commentated by FDL. This time we follow pjoe’s round through the Finals of this 16 men popup. Featured are Ao1 pjoe0211 (Control Eladwen), BP DOXSTA (Raikka), ETC Veles (Ravager Banebow) and BP LightningFury (Discard Zaladar). You can check more Shadow Era videos at Fou DeLile YouTube channel.


Warriors Of The Blue Phoenix Challenge #47

On Saturday the 13th September, at 2 pm GMT+0, 16 people gathered on the IRC channel #tournament in order to take part in the Warriors of the Blue Phoenix challenge #47. The Warriors of The Blue Phoenix guild host a tournament every weekend with various rules, which is “the best way to get crystals and test your skills”.

I have not one, but two decks for you today from the finalist of this tournament. In First Place came A1 Peithoson, who was playing A1 Vyz’s discard Zaladar deck, a very popular deck choice at the moment, which aims to benefit from discarding cards from your hand and deck. In Second Place was ETC Xander Spitfire, who was running “Victor Troll Deck”, a deck of his own creation. This deck is a beat down deck, in which you attempt to spam as many allies as possible. It also attempts to make use of Nathanias the people champion.

Deck 1- Vyz’s discard Zaladar

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Game of Thrones: Season 2

Winter is Coming!
Team Juggernauts brings us the second exciting tournament based off the television series Game of Thrones. Players join with one another to make sixteen teams of five. Each player on the team is worth a certain amount (King = 10, 2xGuard = 4, 2xSquire = 2) The teams then battle with each other in a single elimination bracket until one team has claimed the Iron Throne.

Season 1 was won by:

Warriors of the Blue Phoenix
Yotenka / BP Yotenka
nerull7 / BP Nerull7
Lightning Fury / BP Lightning Fury
Mightyoak713 / BP MightyOak
Vince1992 / BP Vince1992


Season 2 has begun with 16 teams:

The Heralds of the Black Dread
Click image for larger version.  Name:	11f80b3f1dbc42282771943ff8fede1f.jpg  Views:	17  Size:	30.2 KB  ID:	6483
A1 WrathOfCroft / WrathOfCroft (herald)
A1 Sisyphos / Sisyphos
A1 Justicar / Justicar
A1 Tiffblue / Tiffblue
A1 Vyz / Vyz

Alpha Predator
Click image for larger version.  Name:	GameofThronesBanner_zps27682f8c.png  Views:	22  Size:	134.7 KB  ID:	6477
AP Xavier / Ronny_008@yahoo.com (herald)
AP u cant win / U cant win
AP scizzor/ scizzor
AP flamebringer / Flamebringer
AP skeletal / Xskeletalx

House Hodor
Click image for larger version.  Name:	8f50ca146121bcdc23580a0634a1ac67.jpg  Views:	22  Size:	42.4 KB  ID:	6474
TJ SamuelJ / SamuelJ (Herald)
TJ Streetsahead / Streetsahead
TJ 4Ak / 4Ak
TJ Ymantoine / Yvan Antoine
TJ Opyo0 / Altzer0

House Holly
Click image for larger version.  Name:	e0cd4ebce80f5b4e4649a9edc1210592.jpg  Views:	23  Size:	32.0 KB  ID:	6475
AO1 pjoe0211 / Pjoe0211 (herald)
ICe e / Kentuequi
Gondorian / Gondorian
Soothslyr / Soothslyr
Mojumbo / Mojumbo

KA faith
KA IRVING / ka irving (Herald)
KA eb
KA final rain
KA stonecold / KA stonecold
KA van / KA van

A1 Expendables
Attachment 6473
A1 kip thorp / kip thorp ( herald)
A1 Ron Zacapa / Ron Zacapa
A1 Jayceemp / Jayceemp
A1 Peithoson / Peithoson
A1 Zefina/ Zefina

Italians do it better
Click image for larger version.  Name:	75d464b341656be63d61e5be178df0a5.jpg  Views:	7  Size:	46.0 KB  ID:	6488
17 Ecl1psE / Francio888 (herald)
17 Indastria / indastria
17 Cerru / cerru
17 Shining / Lahiri
17 Catenzo / Catenzo

The Blue Sandsnakes – Brothers of Dorne
Click image for larger version.  Name:	4033062181061e1c8e34ac87d4a12236.jpg  Views:	21  Size:	44.6 KB  ID:	6476
BP Karlos4 / Karlos4 (Herald)
BP Deathvan / Deathvan
BP SamYou2D3ath / sam8899
BP Soulcutter / JTL2901
BP Maxi1230 / Maxi1230

The Phoenixian Guard
Attachment 6486
BP Lightning Fury / Lightning Fury (Herald)
BP black mask / blackmask
BP Bicin / Bicin
BP Index / Index
BP Vince1992 / vince19992

Hydra Necromancy
Click image for larger version.  Name:	2ugcq4y.jpg  Views:	20  Size:	74.8 KB  ID:	6478
BP LORD WANE / Lord Wane (Herald)
BP hrglug / hrglug
BP sirshajir / SirShajir
BP Mightyoak – Mightyoak713
BP Rivozzz – Rivozzz

House of the Rising Phoenix
BP leviosablade / leviosablade (Herald)
BP seraphihuang / seraphihuang
BP lorgi / lorgi
BP cuzbot / cuzbot
BP Zeuhl / Zeuhl

The Reborn Dragons
Attachment 6480
TJ Xantese / XanteseZerylliom (Herald)
TJ Bayushi / Bayushi
betrayal4life / Betrayal4life
TJ segalion / Segalion
TJ patho1ogist / The Patho1ogist

Enlisted to Endure
Click image for larger version.  Name:	338406ae8bf0d05387a18c0fb353e3e6.jpg  Views:	19  Size:	15.9 KB  ID:	6481
E2E Tmakk / Tmakk (herald)
E2E Tonemastag / Tonemastag
E2E Alchemist / Theo999999
E2E Earthbound / Waynerson
E2E Pat Jay / Pat Jay

KA Fire
Ka mcley / mcley(herald)
ka HLDoris / HLDoris
ka m blackhot
ka m coolking / makubexwang
ka burnyouth

KA Momo
KA UNCLE LIU / Qoloo (Herald)
KA shot / ka shot
ka wuyuqise
ka toy008 / toy00X
ka shadowshang

House McMahon
HB Fender / Betrayalfender (Herald)
Hammy Striker / Hammy Striker
ItsMeAustin / ItsMeAustin



The brackets for the event are: