Quickmatch Spotlight


It’s Mojumbo here today to talk to you about Quickmatch games. In particular, I’m going to shine the spotlight on our current top 10 highest rated players (as of writing this article that is). Hopefully you can gain some insights into the current metagame as well as gain some inspiration for your own deckbuilding. Without further ado, onto the list!

#1 Edgenel Rating: 346

Coming in at 1st we have Edgenel. Edgenel is particularly impressive because he holds both the top ranked spot and the top score currently. Edgenel is using Elementalis to great effect! Elementalis being one of my personal favorites, it’s great to see him performing well at the top. Interestingly enough, this deck is sporting the likes of Nocturnal Advantage, Contaminated Water, and even Meat Wagon!

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