Lost Lands Part 1 is live

The first 67 cards from Lost Lands, the 4th Shadow Era set, have now been released onto live server as a mini-expansion (Lost Lands Part 1). They can be found in Lost Lands booster packs or from the in-game Merchant when other players have sold them to him, in version 3.10 onwards.

Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio

Hellfire Besieger

Eternal Troll

Click here for Lost Lands Card List.

Racksul: Warped Desert

At the end of that list, you’ll see the new card type, Location, which comes with its own set of rules, which you can find here.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you Lost Lands videos and articles, so stay tuned!

Spoilers from Lost Lands (Set 4) So Far

Over the past ten weeks, spoiler articles have been released for Shadow Era’s forthcoming 4th set, Lost Lands, including 29 spoilers.

The articles are well worth a read (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9), but if you just want to see the spoilers, then we’ve assembled them here for you.

Human Allies

These are rather under-represented in the spoilers so far, but that has tended to be the way for all sets, so let’s not panic just yet. This is Shadow Era, after all.

Entangled Wisp

Unaxio Bannerman

Avatar of Twilight

Shadow Allies

A total of seven Shadow allies have been revealed so far. Let’s take a look.


Sword Gobbler


Brakkong, Menace of Thriss

Forgotten Horror

Wulven Traitor

Wildfang, Wulven Renegade

Neutral Allies

Yes, Shadow Era will finally have some fully neutral allies, including a predominantly neutral tribe in the shape of the Aldmor.

Barrenland Gremlin

Void Wretch

Child of Aldmor

Darklight Apprentice

Aldmor Artisan

Aldmor Scout

Ancient of Aldmor


Also new to Lost Lands, we have a brand new card type, of which six instances have been revealed so far:

Sosilo: Brothers’ Landing

Irum: Lightning Quarry

Arthyle’s Pass: Dead Man’s Breach

Lyth: Kristan’s Ridge

Gaderi: Braxno Citadel

The Wilds: Trading Port


It’s been hinted that artifacts will play a much larger part in Lost Lands than in any other set. Here are two such items spoiled so far:

Clockwork Soldier

Rejuvenation Pod

Aldmor Conflux


One Shadow ability and two Neutral abilities have been revealed so far:

Relentless Savagery

Spontaneous Growth

Rest for the Weary

If any of those cards don’t make sense to you, the associated articles should help out!

As more cards are revealed, we’ll update this post so be sure to bookmark it and check back each week to see what’s new!

Shadow Era’s 4th Set Announced

July 1st was quite a day for Wulven Game Studios, making two major announcements.

The first was about the upcoming release of version 2.91 (more here).

The second unveiled the name and an overview of the set that’s currently in closed beta testing.

According to the announcement, Lost Lands is a set based around the themes of ruination, resurgence and rediscovery, where the landscape of the game as we know it will be changing and shifting, with its characters on the move, intentionally or otherwise. This will be achieved primarily through the introduction of a new card type: Location.

The new Location card type

Two other spoilers were shown in the announcement, both for allies from the Aldmor alignment, who represent the first revealed fully Neutral allies in the game (there will be 20 Neutral Allies in total).

Child of Aldmor

Ancient of Aldmor

For more information and see the community reactions, head over to the official website.

New SF Card Cost Mechanic: SUSTAIN


On the Shadow Era Wiki Sustain is defined as a game mechanic that was introduced in Shattered Fates. This mechanic is found on cards that would otherwise be rather powerful for their cost. This effect causes the controller of a card with a Sustain cost to have to pay a cost (health from their hero or shadow energy generally) as the cost for keeping that card on the field.

Aside from a cards original casting cost, sustain is an ongoing unpreventable cost that a players HERO must pay at the end of each of your turns. The sustain cost must be paid in full for the card to persist and the cost can not be reduced in any way. At the end of your turn, if the sustain cost can not be paid, the card enforcing the sustain cost will self destruct. If there are more than one card with the same sustain costs, they will be paid at the end of turn in Standard Resolution Order.

Now let’s take an in depth look at some of the current Sustain costs and the cards associated with those costs:

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[SF] Elementalis: Trim the Fat (Resource Control)

Inspired from FDL’s “Here be Elementalis” created during Call of the Crystal 1st expansion of Shadow Era. I decided to give it a little twist and blend it with the new Shatter Fates Expansion game mechanic, discard.

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