buqs [SF v2.88] Demolition Derby (Ravager Guide)

Recent Shadow Era up version 2.86 during the Shattered Fates Expansion did a complete overhaul of the Ravager Tribe. They transitions from standard +1/+1 boring growth pattern to a more aggressive +2/+0 growth pattern. This is actually a huge change which dramatically changes their playability as a tribe in general. The update also brings in a new 2cc ally creating even more flexibility the build. The Ravagers are still a very much a combo oriented tribe, however since the update they rely a bit less on the combos in order to maintain their strategies. In addition to being combo oriented the Tribe also represents a lot of the new game cost mechanic Sustain (read more here) to help offset some of the tremendous strength of the tribe. I personally enjoy the tribe much more and have come to appreciate them through studying them. Continue reading

[SF] Elemental: Drawing Capabilities

Elemental class has always had some powerful class cards with weak draw. Antimatter has increased in Shattered Fates, with Bloodthirsty and Dimensional Ripper still running strong for Elementalis.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Elementalis – 3SE: Target friendly ally gains +1 base attack and +3 health.
Zaladar – 4SE: Up to 2 different target opposing heroes or allies take 3 electrical damage.
Piraxix – 4SE: All players discard 3 cards from their decks. Target opposing hero or ally takes X damage, where X was the number of allies discarded, to a maximum of 4.


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Elementalis by Edgenel [v.2.86]

This is v.2.86 Elementalis deck by Edgenel who achieved No.1 on the both rating and scoring ranking with the underused hero.
Edgenel has been known as a master of Elementalis. His love for Ele is insurmountable that nobody has ever seen him playing other heroes…

Key Cards: Dimension Ripper, Murderous Hulk, Meat Wagon

Speed: Fast

Difficulty: 2/5

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[SF] Elementalis: Trim the Fat (Resource Control)

Inspired from FDL’s “Here be Elementalis” created during Call of the Crystal 1st expansion of Shadow Era. I decided to give it a little twist and blend it with the new Shatter Fates Expansion game mechanic, discard.

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