Buqs [LL 3.160] Demolition Derby (Ravager Alignment Guide)

VERSION: 3.160


The Ravager are possibly one of the most complete Alignments in Shadow Era. They have a great blend of aggressive and defensive allies, ability damage, attack boosters, a variety of item/ability destruction and even negative effects removal. The only thing the alignment specifically lacks is a dedicated draw engine having to rely on Class/Faction cards to fill these needs. The Ravagers are also a combo oriented tribe, however they do not necessarily need to rely on combos in order to maintain their strategies. In addition the Alignment also represents a lot of the cost mechanic Sustain (read more here) to help offset some of the tremendous strengths of the tribe. I personally enjoy the tribe and have come to appreciate them through studying them.

This guide is an evolving article which will change periodically, depending on balancing card changes or a change in my thought process after playing more with the cards. Special thanks, as always, to Gondorian, Starval, Veles, Preybird and Bob Ross for input!

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Hidden Potential In Cards: Spirit Warden

A little while ago, Veles wrote an article about the Shadow Era card Antimatter and how it has gone from mediocre in Dark Prophecies to excellent in Shattered Fates.  The same can be said about the card Spirit Warden, except it was mediocre and is now excellent for very different reasons.  Antimatter got better because of other cards that became available to elementals, while Spirit Warden became better because of cards available to everyone else. Continue reading