Warriors Of The Blue Phoenix Challenge #47

On Saturday the 13th September, at 2 pm GMT+0, 16 people gathered on the IRC channel #tournament in order to take part in the Warriors of the Blue Phoenix challenge #47. The Warriors of The Blue Phoenix guild host a tournament every weekend with various rules, which is “the best way to get crystals and test your skills”.

I have not one, but two decks for you today from the finalist of this tournament. In First Place came A1 Peithoson, who was playing A1 Vyz’s discard Zaladar deck, a very popular deck choice at the moment, which aims to benefit from discarding cards from your hand and deck. In Second Place was ETC Xander Spitfire, who was running “Victor Troll Deck”, a deck of his own creation. This deck is a beat down deck, in which you attempt to spam as many allies as possible. It also attempts to make use of Nathanias the people champion.

Deck 1- Vyz’s discard Zaladar

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