Shadow Era’s 4th Set Announced

July 1st was quite a day for Wulven Game Studios, making two major announcements.

The first was about the upcoming release of version 2.91 (more here).

The second unveiled the name and an overview of the set that’s currently in closed beta testing.

According to the announcement, Lost Lands is a set based around the themes of ruination, resurgence and rediscovery, where the landscape of the game as we know it will be changing and shifting, with its characters on the move, intentionally or otherwise. This will be achieved primarily through the introduction of a new card type: Location.

The new Location card type

Two other spoilers were shown in the announcement, both for allies from the Aldmor alignment, who represent the first revealed fully Neutral allies in the game (there will be 20 Neutral Allies in total).

Child of Aldmor

Ancient of Aldmor

For more information and see the community reactions, head over to the official website.

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