Shadow Era v2.91 Releasing This Week

It’s just been posted on the official forum that v2.91 will be rolling out over the next few days.

Highlights include:

– Artwork on the remaining 17 Shattered Fates cards that were still using placeholders.

– In-game chat-room, so you can talk to other players about the game and set up custom matches without leaving the app.

– 14 balance changes, predominantly aimed at widening the meta from what it became after the 2.90 balance changes.

– 25 bug fixes, leaving no known card bugs at this time.

– Unrated quick match option – perfect for beginners or those wishing to experiment without risking their rating.

– Improved User Interface for several screens within the game.

Find out more over on the official forum thread.

We look forward to seeing you on 2.91 !

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  1. Samuel Hendrickson

    Exciting news! What will happen to the current meta?

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  3. Unfortunately i cant play the game ever since v2.905 came out.

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