Shadow Era v2.86 is LIVE!

Oliver Fagin

Just when we thought we’d all got to grips with the Shattered Fates meta, the Design Team hit us with 26 balance changes!

The most notable ones being considerable buffs to the Ravager tribe, a more spammable hero ability for Ythan, and nerfs to Living Armor, Brimstone Devourer and Lythian Sledgehammer.

There’s also some new art for cards like Oliver Fagin (who was buffed as well), Ascetic of Aldmor and quite a few Elemental cards.

As well as the balance changes and new art, this release also contains about 32 card bug fixes, and some general fixes too.

Be sure to check out the release thread for more info on how to update your client(s).  (The web version automatically updates, providing you don’t have it cached, so just check the corner for 2.86 instead of 2.85.)

And, if you’re aiming for Top 100 this season, we wish you the best of luck!

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