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It’s Mojumbo here today to talk to you about Quickmatch games. In particular, I’m going to shine the spotlight on our current top 10 highest rated players (as of writing this article that is). Hopefully you can gain some insights into the current metagame as well as gain some inspiration for your own deckbuilding. Without further ado, onto the list!

#1 Edgenel Rating: 346

Coming in at 1st we have Edgenel. Edgenel is particularly impressive because he holds both the top ranked spot and the top score currently. Edgenel is using Elementalis to great effect! Elementalis being one of my personal favorites, it’s great to see him performing well at the top. Interestingly enough, this deck is sporting the likes of Nocturnal Advantage, Contaminated Water, and even Meat Wagon!

#2 KA Roycelin Rating: 341

Secondly, we have KA Roycelin. KA Roycelin has a powerful Serena deck that has been putting in work for him. He is using powerful Rogue cards such as Spirit Shuriken, Oliver Fagin, and the new Thoughtripper’s Cutlass.

#3 KA Fate of Wheel Rating: 333

In 3rd we have KA fate of Wheel. KA Fate is using Amber with no Lythian Sledgehammer abuse. He is instead opting to go for a more rush oriented style with the likes of Aldon the Brave, Jeweler’s Dream, and Fleet Footed Messenger (the angry mail man himself).

#4 daywalkn Rating: 331

Up next, we have daywalkn. Daywalkn has been using discard Zaladar to climb the ranks. Discard Zaladar has been one of the stronger archtypes to have emerged from Shattered Fates so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see a top rated player using it. The usual Falseblood Cultist, Reactory, Brimstone Devourer, and Living Armor package show up here to give Zal the synergy he needs to push for the top.

#5 BP chamthabo Rating: 331

Coming in 5th so far, we have BP chamthabo. BP chamthabo has been using a neat Serena deck with Wily Smuggler. Serena is showing up a lot more since 2.86 hit and that’s definitely a good thing. She has a history of feeling overshadowed by the other 2 rogue heroes so it’s great to see her getting some time in the spotlight.

#6 akahash Rating: 330

In 6th place, it’s Akahash. Akahash is using an old school Eladwen build to climb the ratings board. Interestingly enough, he has opted to use one of my old favorites Honored Dead in his deck to give some extra health as well as dig for those crucial burn cards such as fireball and Supernova.

#7 E2E JEDIGODSEND Rating: 330

7th place is currently held by E2E Jedigodsend. E2E Jedigodsend is using Loest, Savior of Layar, one of the new Legendary heroes! He has opted to use the newly improved Fatebreak Familiar and Amulet of Conjuring. Given his track record, I’d say it’s working out for him.

#8 Totorosan Rating: 328

Totorosan is our 8th slot. Totorosan, like Jedigodsend, is also using Loest, Savior of Layar. However, he has opted for a more controlling strategy and is using cards such as Voice of Winter, Poison Gas, and Engulfing Flames to win the long game. It’s an interesting spin on the deck for sure given that it does seem to run quite a few allies to boot!

#9 Windy Sky Rating: 326

In 9th we have Windy Sky. Windy Sky is running a Twilight-based Aramia deck. It’s fully decked out with tribal allies and even utilizes the tribal support cards such as Twilight Headdress and Twilight Eidolon. It is definitely a more aggressive approach to the metagame.

#10 ETC Solomon69 Rating: 326

Last, but certainly not least, we have ETC Solomon69. Solomon has been undead Moonstalker to great effect! Moonstalker has been making really good use of the undead tribe as of late so it’s no surprise to see him being piloted by one of the top 10 rated players currently.

Honorable mention goes out to Shadow Mann for holding the 11th ranked spot while piloting an 80 card (wow) Garth deck! He’s utilising a huge number of allies, and a whole lot of draw, to keep the pressure on and make the best of his ability.

That will do it for me this time. Hope you enjoyed the article and found some new builds to try out. What I liked seeing, myself personally, was all the different heroes being represented at the top. A lot of different stuff seems to be working and the upcoming v2.87 should help open up the field even more! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next. Until next time, good luck and have fun.

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  1. where r those guys deck list can u make the deck list of current top players

  2. They probably don’t all want to give their deck lists out while they’re still actively playing them…it takes a special kind of masochist to do that. I’m sure they’ll release them as they get bored of the decks. For now you can always spectate their games. I’ve been really impressed with the rogues showing up here.

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