Bob and Sam Trollin it Up! Episode 8 – Fat Zhanna

In this episode we play my version of Fat Zhanna and everything goes exactly according to plan, and nothing goes wrong at all. Note although at this point this deck is mostly my own, it started as a deck list given to me by Kyltz, so thanks to him as well!

The music is original by me. I wrote the song a while ago and just recorded it on my iPad. It’s called “Post-Police State Love”

Bob and Sam Trollin it Up! Episode 7 – Masochist Moonstalker

In this episode, we explore the lighter side of the Rampant Krygon nerf. This is a deck that Sam put together over the weekend, using Grimjaw Hydra, Bloodstained Marauder, and Gargoyle – all getting hurt by Gromm’s Whip and Krygon. I call it Masochist Moonstalker.

Music is “Egyptian Ella” by The Underscore Orkestra: a creative commons licensed piece.

Bob and Sam Trollin it Up! Episode 6 – The Newbisode!

This is a Newb friendly episode. Sam and I, along with our guest-host Alzorath decided to try the new Bloodfang class deck. We tried to go slow and explain stuff well for all you newbs out there. Enjoy!

Alzorath has his own youtube channel that you can check out here: .
He does several gaming video casts including two Shadow Era ones that he updates each week…be sure to check them out!

Music is “Lost love letters” by Fog Lake, under a creative commons license: