Buqs [LL 3.160] Frankenstein’s Castle (Shadow/Human/Neutral Homunculus Alignment Guide)


Homunculus is a tribe of allies in Shadow Era. They were introduced in Dark Prophecies, with further support in Shattered Fates. This type of ally are made up of creatures which have been artificially created by their specific faction (they have members on both the Human and Shadow sides). They seem to have a wide range of effects, some involving the graveyard, attachments, and attack/health increasing.

1VERSION: 3.160

Lore: The Homunculus alignment is tied together by the idea of created allies, usually with some elemental (fire, ice, electrical) theme or being created from other allies. Then growing and augmenting them.

As I look over the tribe in general and read the wiki about what the alignment is, I can’t help but think of the Frankenstein monster. Essentially the tribe is using “pieces” from your hand and “parts” from graveyards to grow your allies. So far the shadow side of the tribe revolves around discarding from the hand and exiling from any graveyards to manipulate the board and receives one or more bonuses from doing so. The human side appears to be a wisp (no real synergy), electric theme and a combination of temporary and actual growth. The neutral side appear to be all over the place but provide some additional choices for both the human/shadow builds. Homunculus decks are generally ally heavy and very reliant on items and attachments specifically, with a splash of other abilities here and there. Homunculus having access to all the different types of combat damage really makes me appreciate the Frankenstein approach of the tribe much more.

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Buqs [LL 3.160] Engineering an Empire (Aldmor Alignment Guide)

1VERSION: 3.160


The Aldmor Alignment reminds me a lot of a show I watched on the History Channel, Engineering an Empire, which follows how various Civilizations used Engineering to help win battles. The Aldmor have a great number of Artifacts (Engineering) which help to create various bonuses to benefit the tribe. In addition, the Aldmor are also very Shadow Energy based and benefit greatly from SE activated abilities and/or having equal to/more than your opponents.

This guide is an evolving article which will change periodically, depending on balancing card changes or a change in my thought process after playing more with the cards. Special thanks, as always, to Gondorian, Starval, Veles, Preybird and Bob Ross for input!

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Buqs [SF 2.920] Art of War (Yari Alignment Guide)

VERSION: 2.920

SpartanLore: The Yari are made up of mercenaries from all over Balor. They are gifted warriors that function like an army for hire. They have no defined “home”, so the Yari do not fight for pride of country, but for some material reward.

The Yari Alignment very much reminds me of the Spartan Warriors of Ancient Greece in how they function together as a unit. Specializing in attack, as well as protection of their fellow brother in arms. They are unique in that they are a Class Alignment which is available to Human and Shadow Factions allowing for some very diverse builds due to faction card pools.

This guide is an evolving article which will change periodically, depending on balancing card changes or a change in my thought process after playing more with the cards. Special thanks, as always, to Gondorian and TJ Starval for input!

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Buqs [3.120] Ter Adun “Break-dancing”

Ter Adun has been one of those heroes that has kind of taken a back seat to a lot of Heroes and is generally considered a Tier 5 Hero. This is due to his Hero ability being non-impactful as far as helping to reclaim a board, having many games or matchups where the ability is irrelevant and there are many other Item Destruction outlets of varying types available to all heroes. Shattered Fates and Lost Lands brought us some really cool tricks and toys for Ter Adun and I put them together in this build.


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[SF 2.920] Boris “Bring out your Dead” (Twilight)

So with the recent Shattered Fates update of 2.920, Twilight Ritualist had her ability changed.

Twilight Ritualist – Ability changed to “2: If you control another Twilight ally, target opposing ally, item or ability with cost 4 or less is exiled, and Twilight Ritualist is killed at the end of your turn. (from “2: Target enemy item or ability with cost 3 or less is destroyed, and Twilight Ritualist is killed at the end of your turn.).

I wanted to make sure to test this new change out a lot as well as do research for my Twilight Guide. I went straight for Boris as my hero I think because I planned on trying them all out, but once I started playing him I found it hard to even want to try anyone else. I have been playing the following deck on the QM ladder for the past 2 seasons and is probably my best Human QM deck I’ve created.

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[SF] Logan “Death Manipulator”

With a recent update to Shattered Fates Expansion of Shadow Era the Undead Armor Charred Cowl of the Damned was removed from the hunter class card pool and added to the Warrior Class Card pool. I decided to give this new pairing a try together and this is what I’ve come up with. Logan has always taken life away but now with his new Cowl he gives life to the Undead Alignment too.

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[SF] Human Warrior: Draw Capabilities

The Humans of Shadow Era has been consider the stronger faction of the Warrior Class. Boris and Amber have long sat as some of the stronger heroes of both Call of the Crystal and Dark Prophecies. Shatter Fates bring newcomer Tala into the mix and she see tons of play with her unique ability.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Boris Skullcrusher – 4SE: Target opposing ally with cost 4 or less is killed.
Amber Rain – 3SE: Target weapon you control gains +2 base attack, but may not gain any other bonus.
Tala Pureheart – 3SE: Target friendly ally gains protector, +1 base attack and +1 health.


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[SF] Vess: Here Be Wulven (Resource Control / Wulven)

Recently I have been revisiting the idea of Resource Control decks as part of my game plan. Baduruu has always been the top Hero in Shadow Era to run a Resource Destruction build, so I began trying to look at why he can execute this so well. In my opinion, Baduruu, is able to execute a Resource Destruction / Control build because of the tempo he gains from his hero ability. He is able to maintain low resources, yet play powerful weapons to help him control the board. Vess Swifthands can be used in a similar fashion as detailed below.

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[SF] Shadow Warrior: Drawing Capabilities

Hi there!  Over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to be doing a run-down of draw capabilities available across all faction/class combinations in Shadow Era.  Each article will be quite in-depth, since the main idea is to highlight options that perhaps you might have previously overlooked, to give you as much flexibility as possible when putting together your next deck.

In a move designed to slightly nudge the game back to unbiased treatment of each faction, I’ve decided to start with Shadow Warriors, who are not normally available to play from the outset.  (Your free class deck when you sign up has to be for Human faction).  Let’s get going …

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