About Samuel Hendrickson

SamuelJ, also known by some as Samdroid, is an avid gamer and a champion of justice. Half man, half machine, all player.

2.91 Quick Match Master Challenge

As you might have read, the new update of Shadow Era should be released this week. We would like to issue a two-week contest to all of the competitive community members out there. Here is how it works:

Master Challenge Points = Your rating at start of your first 2.91 game + 30 points per rated game win on 2.91 – 25 points per rated game loss on 2.91 + your rating at the end of the two-week period

Unrated games will not count!

Sound too difficult to keep track of? We agree!

Simply sign up with the IGN you would like registered and we will handle the rest!


Top 3 scoring players will receive SC matching their SEN Challenge Points total (rounded up to nearest 100SC, but 5000SC max)
Ranks 4-10 in SEN Challenge Points will receive SC matching half their SEN Challenge Points total (rounded up to nearest 100SC, but 2500SC max)

Top 16 ranks will be invited to a 16-man invite only tournament.


For each of the top 5 players, their deck with the best win-rate from all their qualifying games will be published on ShadowEra.net


Zhanna’s Blessings

Allow me to introduce you to my attachment Zhanna.
I have been trying to make a workable version for quite some time. Now that Confluence of Fate no longer has Sustain 1HP, I feel like I have found a deck.
This deck takes some time to learn, but can be very successful if played correctly.
My favorite thing about the deck is its power to draw.
Almost every turn I have a full hand and play 3-5 cards.
With all of the attachments in this deck, any ally on the board is a potential threat. Continue reading

SamuelJ’s Zaliscard


I would like to start by saying this is one of the best decks I have played. Zaladar has always been strong with his ability to do 3 damage to 2 targets. With the added synergy of discard, he has become an even bigger threat.

This deck is very versatile and does not have any truly bad match ups. The main strategy of this deck is in its discard synergy. There are several ways to handle any ally played by your opponent. If needed, you can also run solo to prevent an opponent from healing or drawing from killing your allies. Continue reading

32 Man/Hero Sealed Deck Event

Hello Shadow Erans!

How this works

1. Once we get our 32 participants, we will randomly assign each participant with one of the 32 heroes. The hero you receive will determine the amount of packs you receive (see Tiers below)

2. This will be a tournament where you can only use a limited pool to make your deck. Specifically, it will be the contents of X booster packs from sets of your choosing, depending on the Hero you receive. These packs will be simulated outside the game client on your behalf and you will not gain any new cards in your collection.

3. At least one week before the start of the first round, you will receive a code which refers to your pool for the event. The first round will start 1 week after we get 32.

Continue reading

WC 2014 Top 4 Interviews – A1 Sisyphos

How does it feel to finally get that boulder to stay on top of the hill?

😀 You have to imagine me happy ofc. But also quite ready for a little nap. My back hurts. I guess i could lean against that boulder over here.

When did you first start playing Shadow Era?

~3 and a half years ago.

How did you find the game?

I googled „bored“ and „browser game“. Was at work so it had to be a browser game.
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Starval’s [SF] Hero Profile: Zhanna 

Zhanna has been my favorite hero since I started playing in the early days of Call Of The Crystals (COTC). In Dark Prophecies (DP) and especially in COTC, Zhanna had no autoloss conditions using a standard deck – featuring The King’s Pride (TKP), Retreat, Healing Touch (HT), and Focused Prayer (FP) while mixing in Tainted Oracle (TO), Elizabeth Winterborn (EW), and Wizent’s Staff (WS) for draw. She had no consistent way of dealing high damage (like a Mage’s Fireball) or instant death (like a Rogue’s Assassinate) to an opposing ally but the constant knowledge of Tidal Wave kept opponents at bay. The opponent had two routes – play into Tidal Wave or play single allies that get bounced by a Retreat/Banish or get locked by Jasmine Rosecult. It was a golden age for Zhanna.

Shattered Fates (SF) introduced new heroes and new cards across the board for all classes. Already difficult matches for Zhanna became even more difficult. Discard Zaladar, Wulven Moonstalker, Serena, and Homunculus Aramia are all vastly difficult for a standard Zhanna deck to compete with. The slow and steady pace of the old style of Zhanna became no longer good enough.
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