About Bob Ross

BobRoss has been using the pseudonym (based on the television painter, Bob Ross) since he first got AOL in 1993. He's got a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has been an avid video game player and computer user his whole life. He used to love Magic The Gathering, also way back in those AOL days, and has been playing Shadow Era almost since its inception. He has been mostly a casual gamer, but recently took a more active role in the community with several articles on Shadowera.net and by participating in the World Championship tournaments, where he earned the title of Regional Champion for Europe and Africa (although he lives in New York).


Kaos Dark inspired me with his card breakdowns on Shriek of Vengeance and Yari Marksman so I thought I’d add one of my own.

Midnight Sentinel is one of my favorite human faction cards in Shattered Fates. Its utility is subtle, but the impact that it has on games is undeniable.  First thing of note is its cost. 3cc is the prime point for allies.  Most resource curves allow for the bulk of allies in the deck to be 3cc, however there is also a great deal of competition to fill those roles.  Among humans there are great cards like Aldon the Brave, Jasmine Rosecult, Fleet-Footed Messenger, Layarian Seductress, Twilight Ritualist and Priest of the Light to name a few.  On top of that, each class has a variety of excellent 3cc allies as well.  Why, when faced with all of those options would you choose Midnight Sentinel?  There are actually several reasons that I will go through in some detail, namely – survivability, ambush, utility at each stage of the game, exhausting opponent resources, damage prevention and combos.

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Garth’s Big Butts

One of the problems with the changes to Thoughtripper’s Cutlass is that popular Garth decks based on abusing Cutlass got a bit of a nerf.  I thought I’d give Garth a try now that he’s not top dog anymore. This is a new deck I just put together and tested a few times, I’ve had ok success with it, but I’m still getting to know the deck and have made some mistakes in my losses, so I think it has potential.

Essentially the goal is to flood the board with tough allies (hence “big butts”) and establish control with Anklebreaker, followed by Night Prowler.

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Bob Ross’s [SF] Serena Profile

Current Version: SHATTERED FATES (2.87)


Serena Thoughtripper – 3SE: Until the end of your turn, your weapons have +2 attack, and if Serena deals combat damage to a hero, that hero’s owner discards a card at random.

Serena excels at control, and has since the beginning. She represents a difficult, hybrid play-style, combining items and allies. Like other rogues, she does best when she has some board presence; however she sometimes has difficulty regaining board presence or control once she’s lost it. She has comparably little room for error and it is often important to anticipate your opponent’s moves. For this reason, Serena is often considered difficult to play, like Logan. Unlike Logan, she has been considered a middle-tier hero (not the strongest, but not the weakest), and may even be top-tier in the current version (2.86-2.87). Serena requires a weapon to use her ability, which means that Serena decks would do well to have at least 6 weapons in a 40 card deck.  Having many items and abilities makes Serena have less room for allies, and so it is important to make those allies count. When Serena is played well with a good deck, it feels like everything is under control: even when the opponent doesn’t know it, she has an answer for everything.

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Work Horse Serena

I call this deck Work Horse Serena because there’s nothing special about it. It just uses good cards in the right amounts, there are some options to deal with most decks, although certain matchups cause problems. Essentially the strength of this deck is flexibility. There are counters in small amounts to just about everything, and what I don’t have, I can hope to steal from the opponent.

Key Cards: Thoughtripper’s Cutlass, Black Garb, Night Owl

Speed: Medium

Difficultly: 4/5 (requires a general understanding of opponent decks)

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