Zhanna’s Blessings

Allow me to introduce you to my attachment Zhanna.
I have been trying to make a workable version for quite some time. Now that Confluence of Fate no longer has Sustain 1HP, I feel like I have found a deck.
This deck takes some time to learn, but can be very successful if played correctly.
My favorite thing about the deck is its power to draw.
Almost every turn I have a full hand and play 3-5 cards.
With all of the attachments in this deck, any ally on the board is a potential threat.

– Optimal Start –

Turn 1 – N/A
Turn 2 – Confluence of Fate
Turn 3 – Zealous Mystic + Strength of Conviction
Turn 4 – Elizabeth Winterborn

– Draw –

Confluence of Fate – Up to 2 cards at the end of your turn
Bad Santa – 3 cards instantly
Treasured Heirloom – 2 cards upon death of ally
Elizabeth Winterborn – 1 card at the end of your turn

Using Elizabeth offensively while drawing cards.

Using Elizabeth offensively while drawing cards.

Wizent’s Shimmercloak is a highly undervalued card in my opinion. This card doubles the effect of many of your attachments. If you can manage to stick a Knight of the Golden Dawn to the board and attach a Shimmercloak then you should have the game won.

Please post any questions you have below.

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SamuelJ, also known by some as Samdroid, is an avid gamer and a champion of justice. Half man, half machine, all player.
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  1. 2 tome only?

    • Samuel Hendrickson

      Tome is not the most important card here, but when it makes it into play it can be a game changer. I only play 2 because it can be difficult to play without losing steam.

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