Zaladar: Hastebomb

Hello everyone, here is another deck I like very much. It’s a fast deck with an explosive finish! Since very beginnings of Shadow Era, Elementals have been strong. They  can manipulate energy, and can do some crazy game changing stuff when least expected. A combo that was used not so often was Feedbomb (Feedback + Bad Santa). It was a way you could regain the board and decimate the board but not so effective. Two sets later its time to revise it.

Key cards: Feedback,Bad Santa

Speed: Fast

Difficulty: 3/5



After giving a brief history lesson on the cards we can go more into detail. The deck is a combo deck and even more specific it’s a continual combo deck. Meaning: the combo can be repeated almost infinitely.

I have emptied my deck out almost every time doing this by turn eight. And play almost every ally I have in my deck or at least what is needed to deal lethal damage. But to set up the combo a few things must be done to ensure success.

Deck basics


• You need to keep your hand with as few cards as possible. The only cards you need to hold are Bad Santa and Feedback/Mimic.

• Play Shard of Power and Antimatter as soon as possible.

• Play some allies. 2-3 haste allies per turn should suffice. Us them to clear the board or if you have board advantage go for the hero. Weaken the hero as at any given chance.

Board control/Draw engine


This deck is not a control deck but you need to try to keep the board clear for just a bit. Which isn’t to hard using Zaladar’s ability in combination with Rampant Krygon. Killing two to three allies is easy.

Keeping early board control it is a must because depending on who you face if you don’t deal with allies early on you can die easily and you won’t have a chance to nail your turn eight combo.

Deck Optimization


This decks combo is optimal on eight resources. For some reason anything less then 8 is not advisable unless it’s a last resort  and you know you will lose on your opponents next turn. Then go for it. But if you can stay alive for one more turn then go for the eight resources kill. The lethal damage range for this deck on turn eight is averaged out to twenty damage. Yes, twenty three damage in one turn with  board clear of allies. If played right and if you draw (most of the time you will draw into what you need to nail the haste bomb combo) you will achieve victory.

Cool Tricks


This deck alone is a cool trick and reliable and the cards in this deck do have other combos and moves.

Rampant krygon

He’s a raging bomb when combined with Shards of Power. Even without Shard thanks to his cheap cost ability and Zaladar’s shadow energy you are able to deal with two opposing allies.

Sling-blade demon

Your opponent has only a few life left. Why not play Sling-blade demon and sling back an ally like Frostmare and deal the finishing blow! Such a cool thing to do and you regain two resources back so you can play back an ally if you have enough resources remaining. Good thing Frostmare is a two casting cost card.


This card helps continue the haste bomb combo, by playing Bad Santa or Feedback again. But be careful as if mimicked card  is not a support ability it will be exiled. Good news it can play ANY  3 casting cost or less ability from ANY Graveyard.



This deck’s performance is excellent, even though it does carry a lot of risk. But anything that comes with great risk also reaps great rewards.
This deck is tournament ready as well as quick match ready. It’s a fast paced deck with explosive fire power. And with cheap casting cost cards playing it is very simple but complex at the same time.

Reasons to play this Zaladar deck:

• Wanting to play a fast paced deck.

• Wanting to play a continual combo deck.

• A deck that can compete in tournaments/quick match in the current meta

• A deck that is affordable and super fun! This decks price in Gold: 10,530

And if you want to do things like this:

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  1. Oh and also to note if your having a hard time and think you need too. Against moonstalker use nocturnal advantage at most 2x

  2. Cool deck bro. I like the Feedback shenanigans :)

  3. I remember that one, very fun to watch and play against…if I recall, I got you down to 1 hp before you finished me. I managed to take apart your combo a bit with Serena though.

  4. Wow! At one point,I was like,what the hell it’s this guy doing,but out of nowhere,you just devastated that guy! It was super cool!

    • Thank you 😉 ya the deck is amazing in at a 315 rating atm and it’s effective I have no problem adapting to different deck styles

  5. This deck is cool, thanks. I have only one problem with it – any advice about which cards to sacrifice? I always try to keep santas, feedbacks and mimics, but sometimes it’s very hard to choose what to sacrifice, for example in situation when I have 2x santa, 1x mimic, 1x feedback and I get krygon with 4 mana, my opponent has 2 creatures in play and I have in play only antimatter and shard of power, what should I sacrifice?
    Thanks :)

    • In that instance mimic would be ideal so you can board wipe with SE and krygon as long as you have 1-2 mimics and 3-4 bs and 3-4 feedbacks you should be able to nail the combo.
      But good cards to sac on initial hand is ravager slingblade and sometimes one krygon or frostmare but no more then that I hope this helps my friend :)

  6. That turn was sick man

  7. I’m confused. When I used Krygon’s ability like that with shard of power the ally died. And when I used Ravager Zealot’s ability for haste while shard of power was up he died too. I know this was a few years ago did something get changed in an update?

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