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  • 1ndeed’s Channel
    On 1ndeed’s channel you will find a variety of gameplay and strategy videos, while not on a regular release schedule, there is some good content here worth checking out.
  • Alzorath’s Channel & Stream

    Alzorath’s channel is a variety gaming channel (Reviews, Lets’ Plays, etc.) that also covers Shadow Era Content on a weekly basis and holds contests to try and support the SE community.
  • AnomalousT’s Channel

    A new Shadow Era commentator, still finding his tempo verbally, but definitely getting there. Worth checking out and keeping an eye on. So far, just gameplay commentary thus-far, though we’ll see if/how that branches out.
  • Fou DeLile’s channel

    New to the youtube scene, but a long-time, and very well known player – Fou DeLile is known for his deck building and varied playstyles.

  • Enlisted to Endure’s channel [E2E]

    Enlisted to Endure is the channel for the guild that goes by the same name and is managed by Pat Jay. Enlisted to Endure covers skype coachings, game replays, tutorials, and tournament casting primarily.

  • Eternal Troll

    Eternal Troll provides gameplay complimented with commentary on how to play the game.

  • GnEric’s Channel

    Recent revival of an ETC member’s channel, starting off with coverage of a tournement he held.

  • Meltdown Miller

    New Meltdown matches every Monday (Commentary Monday), Wednesday (Wednesday Win), and Friday (Friday Fail).

  • Spiritmonger187’s Channel
    A relative newcomer to the Youtube scene, spiritmonger produces a large amount of Shadow Era content for your enjoyment.
  • Bob and Sam Trollin it Up!
    Join ETC BobRoss and TJ SamuelJ and other members of the SE community in a series called “Bob and Sam Trollin it Up!.” In each episode they play Shadow Era as a co-op game looking at the same hand and making decisions collaboratively.  Hear from great players as they discuss how best to play different decks and then see how the game turns out.


    • Wulven Official Stream
      The official Wulven Games channel, hosts weekly streams each Thursday, sometimes hosts additional streams at various times in the week. Seth always forgets to advertise the stream going live in IRC, so the best way to figure out if a stream is going is to follow them, which will send you an email from when they go live
    • Gondorian’s Stream

      Gondorian’s Twitch TV stream, description coming… soon… he can edit it in here if he wants 😛

    • Ajthrowsknives25’s Stream

      Ajthrowsknives25 ‘s Twitch TV stream

    • ClausIsMe’s Stream

      ClausIsMe is a Twitch Streamer who mostly does Meltdown matches. He also plays with his viewers. He’s pretty entertaining!


    Uncommentated Gameplay



  1. Hey guys, was wondering if you could feature our Meltdown Channel. We’re doing updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with commentaries every Monday. We’ve got over 30 videos right now and more on the way!

  2. Samuel Hendrickson

    Of course, if you give us a link I will get it on here ASAP.

  3. ClausIsMe is a Twitch Streamer who mostly does Meltdown matches. He also plays with his viewers. He’s pretty entertaining! Twitch.TV/clausisme

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