WC2014 Regionals Day 1 Top 8 Decks

We’re in the regional qualifiers phase of the Shadow Era Online World Championships, which culminates in the Grand Finals on 6th December.

Asia/Australasia Day 1

Congratulations to TJ Flying Ferrari for winning this five-round swiss event, piloting Victor.

1st: TJ Flying Ferrari – Victor

2nd: Exterminans – Loest

3rd: BP Yotenka – Loest

4th: KA toy008 – Amber

5th: sappy dude – Tala

6th: GD Justicar – Boris

7th: KA uncle liu – Moonstalker

8th: ROK nadoa – Aramia

It’s quite a surprise to see no Zaladar or Banebow in the top 8. In fact, 7 of the top 8 are human decks, with the only Shadow hero being Moonstalker.

Americas Day 1

The second regional swiss was won by BP lorgi, piloting an impressive Garth deck.

1st: BP lorgi – Garth

2nd: BP Mip1 – Banebow

3rd: BP Vince1992 – Moonstalker

4th: BP hachi – Amber

5th: AO1 pjoe0211 – Loest

6th: TJ streetsahead – Baduruu

7th: BP Maxi1230 – Elementalis

8th: MistuhRager – Zaladar

As you can see, this six-round swiss had more of the familiar top-rated quick match heroes in the top 8, along with two Amber and one Elementalis, giving us a 50:50 split between human and shadow.

Europe/Africa Day 1

The third regional swiss event was also six rounds and was won by Bobross with Serena. (He’s shared his own write-up of the deck here.)

1st: Bobross – Serena

2nd: ka final rain – Banebow

3rd: BP emigor – Zaladar

4th: Xander Spitfire – Victor

5th: Mr 8 – Garth

6th: Dakh – Loest

7th: Dimble – Loest

8th: Bp LightningFury – Garth

Six heroes in use here, but only two shadow in the shape of Zaladar and Banebow again.

Clearly, Day 1 was ruled by Hunters and Rogues, with a generous helping of Loest thrown into the mix.

What’s next? This coming weekend, the above players will be facing off in Day 2 of their respective regional qualifiers, where they can bring different decks if they wish.

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  1. There’s a mispelling.. 3th of Europe says Zaladar but it’s actually a Banebow 😉

    • Thanks for the feedback – the names are above the decks, not below them. Maybe I can change the visuals to make that more clear…

  2. Samuel Hendrickson

    No he is correct, someone accidentally posted the same deck 2x instead of the Zaladar.

    EDIT: Fixed.

  3. woops, my mistake – apparently Sam had already fixed it when I responded!

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