Tips for Using New Class Decks

With the release of 2.89 Shadow Era has added several class decks. Here are some tips on how to get the most of them if you’re a new player.

Tips for New Players:

  1. Play a few games with the deck before you change anything.
  2. Try the different heroes in the class out. These decks are playable by each hero in a class. Although they only come with one hero, you can easily swap them by clicking on the filter in the deckbuilder and making it show “unusable” then just drag the other hero over your current hero. As long as the other hero is in the same class/faction, the deck will stay the same.
  3. These decks are ideal for players new to a class – out of the box they give you fun games that teach you important things about each class.
  4. As you play games, try to edit your deck down – take out the cards you don’t use often and keep the ones you love. Try to get your deck as close to 40 as possible. A deck doesn’t have to be 40 cards to be strong, but it’s generally a good goal.
  5. The ideal deck will vary depending on which hero you are playing and what your play-style is, so don’t worry if you come up with something different from your friends or other community members.
  6. As you earn gold, buy more copies of your favorite cards while getting rid of cards you never use.
  7. Speaking of cards you never use – almost every uncommon or rare card (and most of the common ones) seems to be a┬ástrong card that can work well with at least one hero in the class. If you can’t think of a use for a card, consider the other heroes in the class, would it be a good card for them? Consider the other cards in the deck, is it part of a combo?
  8. Don’t be discouraged if you are trying to play a hero that depends on a weapon (Threbin, Serena, Logan, Gwenneth, Baduruu, Darkclaw and Amber). Having more of the strong rare weapons in your deck makes these heroes a LOT better.
  9. If you really like a class and want to get deeper into it, consider buying 3 or 4 class decks. That should give you enough of the good rare and uncommon cards for the class to play a strong deck. You can sell extra copies of the uncommon and common cards to buy whatever cards you’re missing. For example, playing a rogue deck, you’ll probably want 4 Anklebreakers. If you buy 3 class decks, you can sell off your spare Stop Thief! and Ill-Gotten Gains to buy that 4th Anklebreaker.

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