Threbin: Templar control

Whether you are new to the game or very experienced, this is an amazing control deck which is sort of a hybrid between Warrior and Priest. Threbin the Righteous is the most aggressive Priest hero up to date.

Key Cards: Zail’s Hymn, Forgiveness

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: 4/5



Threbin is meant to be semi solo, a pure solo build is a big fail. To me priests are not this deity that can raise hell. Priests are passionate towards their faith and they are sworn to forgive and protect the people they pray for from evil forces to the evil within.

This Threbin build is very difficult to run, but very rewarding. It’s not fast but it excels in late game. Deck has pinpoint board control in massive board wipe from Tidal Wave and Mass Purification/Zail’s Hymn combo. Rod of Smiting is the best weapon/control utility. From what I have seen, many players will often mistake this weapon for pure damage and will go straight for the opposing hero. Yes, under the right circumstance he can deal seven damage with it but it does not have a lot of durability and sometimes you won’t draw into another one so quickly.

Shadow energy/draw engine


Another great thing about Threbin is cost of his ability . It’s three shadow energy to activate which is very cheap. And since this is a control deck you will be sitting on a lot of shadow energy. A good use of it  is for Glass chalice of Knowing. You don’t have to spam this cards ability if you have all the cards needed. Plus if you have Scriptures of the Righteous out you can rely on that card until you need an immediate answer from GCOK.

Deck basic


•Keep board clear or weaken opponent’s board integrity
Keeping your opponents side empty is the goal of your weapons, abilities ,support and allies.

•Don’t be wasting weapon durability or control cards like Zails Hymn and then using Tidal Wave next turn.

•Get a position before submission.
Meaning get a good board state by keeping your opponents side clear or undesirable(for them) then go for the kill

•Most important of all: plan ahead. It keeps you from wasting cards that later on could be useful, helps you from making bad choices and prevents bad plays or misplays.

Deck Optimization


Now an important topic. To optimize is to make it run smooth.
A big mistake inexperienced  players will make is to over sacrifice for resources so they can do more in a single turn. The deck alone is not enough to win but it’s the strategy and thinking, and big part of it is smart usage of resources. This deck runs smooth on eight resources. Another reason not to over sacrifice is because that’s one less card you’ll able to use. No card is useless, you put that card in your deck for a reason and it has purpose. And the cards in this deck all have a purpose. So use what you can and reap the benefits.

This deck does not need to do a lot in a single turn in late game. Example play is Tidal wave followed up by Avenger of the Fallen which is a total of seven resources. Assuming there are three Templars in the graveyard, you now have a 4/4 ally on board, and late game that is devastating against most decks.

Cool tricks!


Thanks to the amazing card pool the priests have access to, and with cards this deck runs, there are plenty of cool things to do.


You can sacrifice that Justicar Alysia, or that extra tidal wave, or extra rod of smiting. That way you can play the early game cards and pick up what you need later. Since this is a late game deck that is not an issue.

Justicar Alysia

She buffs all arcane damage by one. Since most of the allies, abilities and weapons deal arcane damage, that one point adds up. For example she makes Threbins ability + Rod of Smiting deal seven damage!

Devoted knight

His abillity alone is fantastic! He let’s you play your high cost cards one turn sooner, and if your opponent does not answer him you have board control with 3/3 ally. That’s a lot of damage to be dealt to opponent and enough to control the board for a little bit.

Lily Rosecult

We all know this hot twin (Jasmines Rosecults sister)! She’s amazing in this deck as a dual purpose card. She can restore your weapon back to your hand and apply pressure to the opponent as an ally. She can also bring back Glass chalice of knowing or Scriptures of the Righteous.



Overall this deck has amazing performance. It can match the control elements of Rogue and sometimes even surpass them. It has tournament capabilities, Quick Match ready and it’s a fun deck that is very rewarding,
It allows you to adapt to any style and be able to come out on top when least expected. In my opinion Threbin a very well rounded hero and possibly the best of the priests when it comes to control. You can do so many things with him.

Reasons to play Threbin the Righteous:

•Wanting to play a control deck that can answer many decks.

•A deck that synergizes all the cards together very well making it a team effort within itself.

•A  deck that can compete in tournaments/quick match in the current meta.

•A deck that is very affordable when it comes to gold value. The decks value in gold is currently
9,110 gold

And if you want to do things like this:

I hope you enjoyed the read and the video. And don’t forget the most important thing when playing this deck is to have fun.

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One Comment

  1. Hero: Threbin the Righteous

    Allies (16):
    4x Avenger of the Fallen
    4x Guardian of Unaxio
    4x Devoted Knight
    3x Justicar Alysia
    1x Gunther, General of Balor

    Abilities (18):
    4x Forgiveness
    3x Healing Touch
    3x Smite
    4x Zail’s Hymn
    4x Tidal Wave

    Items (5):
    2x Scriptures of the Righteous
    3x Rod of Smiting

    = 40 cards

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