Tala: Discarder Deck (Theory)

OK so this is only a theory deck and never tested…. I also don’t plan on testing it and I am only posting to lay a foundation for someone who likes humans and discarding decks.

Aetherborn Wisp – This is a great ally to hide behind a protector. Tala’s ability helps the Wisp to grow faster but then becomes the protector. All discards make this baby grow so everything following is support for this ally.
Knight of Unaxio – Great ally to be a protector. You can buff him with Tala and he has to be killed to be removed because of steadfast. He also has the ability to grow from discarding abilities which many warriors have. Pair this with BraxnorianVeteran to return the abilities back to hand for reuse or summoning.
Glimmer of Hope and Crystal Shard – Both are draw and discard.
Bladedancer – Pure awesomeness.
Eleanor – Helps ensure 2 drop great ability which strengthens protector status.
Aldon – Buffs attack of all allies.
Spirit Warden – Shut downs recursion decks (possibly substitute for Flee Footed Messenger).
Braxnoran Veteran – Recycles warrior abilities. Knight discards them, Brax recycles. Preferred use for this combo is Shackles since it has free cost and it’s easy to combo.

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  1. Crystal Shards doesn’t work with Wisp just FYI.

  2. Probably would’ve found that out if I played humans or read the cards more carefully

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