Buqs [LL 3.16] Wolfpack [Outside of Wulven Class – Wulven Alignment]


VERSION: 3.160


Wulven, though not “wolves”, behave very similar to them in that they do have a pack mentality, and this is represented through various card designs requiring only Wulven or effects happen with another Wulven ally. Generally in a wolf pack, many of the members are young (2-3 years old) represented by the lower cost of all the existing allies, with 2 Alphas (Male/Female) which are currently absent from the alignment (outside of Wulven Class). The Wulven alignment has been my favorite to investigate because of its uniqueness of existing within and outside of the Class. For this articles purposes, currently I will not be discussing the Wulven Class, though I may decide to include this at a later time.

This guide is an evolving article which will change periodically, depending on balancing card changes or a change in my though process after playing more with the cards. Special thanks, as always, to Gondorian and TJ Starval for input!

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[SF – 2.92] Bloodfang Wulven Buddy System

I’ve been really busy working with the Players Focus Group (PFG) to balance the upcoming release of Lands Lost Expansion so please forgive me that it has been a while since my last deck post.

There was a recent update to Shattered Fates Expansion of Shadow Era in which Bloodpack Shaman received a rejig:

Bloodpack Shaman – Ability changed to “When Bloodpack Shaman is summoned, target Wulven ally in your graveyard except Bloodpack Shaman is returned to your hand.” (from “When Bloodpack Shaman is summoned while every ally in your graveyard is a Wulven ally, target Wulven ally in your graveyard with cost 3 or less is returned to your hand.”).

This particular change was interesting to me as I quite enjoy playing with Bloodfang but have really had zero success with the “OP Shaman Looping”. The Shaman rejig fits my playstyle quite a bit more so I decide testing was going to be quite enjoyable and it is.

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[SF] Bloodfang “Wulven Necromancer” (Undead/Wulven Hybrid)

Shatter Fates expansion of Shadow Era has brought to us many new Heroes. In my continuing adventures to find unlikely pairings that actually work together I attempted to match Bloodfang with a non-Wulven alliance. Bloodfang’s ability forces him to play with Wulven allies to max the potential of his Shadow Energy ability creating a great challenge for me. I decide pairing him with Undead would be a good test since they are easily the most developed and synergistic tribes.

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[SF] Wulven: Draw Capabilities

Aaaaaaoooooowwwwwww!!!!! Who doesn’t like wolves? These guys have lots of variety for draw but in general they revolve around the pack (allies) as seen with Bloodpack Shaman as well as armor like Wrath of the Forest. However the primary draw engine is Blood Moon which has one of my favorite arts in the game.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Darkclaw – 3SE: Until the start of your next turn, your weapons have +2 attack and Darkclaw has ambush (his attacks can’t be defended).
Moonstalker – 3SE: Moonstalker and all friendly allies have stealth (they can’t be attacked) until the start of your next turn.
Bloodfang – 5SE: Target Wulven ally in your hand is summoned at no cost and it gains +1 base attack and +1 health.


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Bloodfang: Here Be Bloodfang

This deck is result of an effort to find alternative ways of playing Bloodfang. In QM and tournaments he has been mostly used as pure ally based Wulven deck with pretty straightforward strategy of swarming the board thanks to his ability and synergy between Wulven tribe allies. However if you draw a parallel between his and Baduruu’s ability you can see that in its nature Bloodfangs ability is also a tempo boost as it can save up to 8 resources per turn (Howlfang + 3cc ally for example). This lead to me believing it is also possible to make  a Bloodfang deck that would mimic Baduruu’s Resource Destruction.

Key Cards: Here Be Monsters, Crescent of Doom, Wulven Tactician

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: 4/5

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[SF] Vess: Here Be Wulven (Resource Control / Wulven)

Recently I have been revisiting the idea of Resource Control decks as part of my game plan. Baduruu has always been the top Hero in Shadow Era to run a Resource Destruction build, so I began trying to look at why he can execute this so well. In my opinion, Baduruu, is able to execute a Resource Destruction / Control build because of the tempo he gains from his hero ability. He is able to maintain low resources, yet play powerful weapons to help him control the board. Vess Swifthands can be used in a similar fashion as detailed below.

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