Alzorath’s Meltdown Monday #77

On Meltdown Monday we attempt to best random opponents in Shadow Era with a 30+ card deck made from the contents of 4 booster packs. This is currently the only sealed format available to digital players of Shadow Era, but is quite popular, and can be quite challenging to learn how to properly assemble your deck.

This week follow Alzorath vs ItsMeVan. For more Shadow Era videos check Alzorath’s YouTube channel.

Alzorath’s Shadow Era: Trials #4

Follow Alzorath in a series in which he will be post-commentating interesting matches related to a number of decks for a variety of purposes (and maybe even a rare meltdown match) – whether they be for Shadow Era Deck Techs, or for personal exploration into theories and concepts involving trends (or even anti-trends, such as disused card types). Check out more Shadow Era videos at Alzorath’s YouTube channel.

Gneric’s Community Classic #39

Shadow Era: Community Classics is a weekly show highlighting some of the most intense and crazy games Shadow Era has to offer! All games featured on the show are submitted by members of the Shadow Era community! This week episode features maxi1230 playing Bloodfang and shawnjch playing Garth. Check out more Shadow Era videos at Eric’sCrusade.