Turbo Skervox (Terbox)



This deck is brought to you by the brilliant mind of TJ Streetsahead. He has been working on this deck for several months with the help of TJ Opyo0 and has finally settled on his card choices. To quote the man himself, “I’ve tried it with 40 cards. I’ve tried it with 42. I’ve tried it with 60 and it won an internal. I’ve tried it with 52. It works best with 45″. I have run the deck a good number of times and when it works, it is one of the most fun decks I have played with. The resource ramp can be unbelievable. It is not unusual to end a match with over 16 resources. Continue reading

buqs [SF v2.88] Demolition Derby (Ravager Guide)

Recent Shadow Era up version 2.86 during the Shattered Fates Expansion did a complete overhaul of the Ravager Tribe. They transitions from standard +1/+1 boring growth pattern to a more aggressive +2/+0 growth pattern. This is actually a huge change which dramatically changes their playability as a tribe in general. The update also brings in a new 2cc ally creating even more flexibility the build. The Ravagers are still a very much a combo oriented tribe, however since the update they rely a bit less on the combos in order to maintain their strategies. In addition to being combo oriented the Tribe also represents a lot of the new game cost mechanic Sustain (read more here) to help offset some of the tremendous strength of the tribe. I personally enjoy the tribe much more and have come to appreciate them through studying them. Continue reading

[SF] Shadow Hunter: Drawing Capabilities

Much like the Human Hunters of Shadow Era, the Shadow Hunters have viable options in all of the categories. This creates a lot of variety in the ways you can build this class/faction.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Banebow – 3SE: Up to 2 different target opposing heroes or allies take 2 damage. This damage can’t be prevented by ally or armor abilities.
Baduruu– 4SE: Target weapon in your hand is summoned at no cost and gains +1 base attack.
Skervox– 4SE: All opposing allies are disabled until the start of your next turn and poisoned.


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