Starval’s [SF] Hero Profile: Zhanna 

Zhanna has been my favorite hero since I started playing in the early days of Call Of The Crystals (COTC). In Dark Prophecies (DP) and especially in COTC, Zhanna had no autoloss conditions using a standard deck – featuring The King’s Pride (TKP), Retreat, Healing Touch (HT), and Focused Prayer (FP) while mixing in Tainted Oracle (TO), Elizabeth Winterborn (EW), and Wizent’s Staff (WS) for draw. She had no consistent way of dealing high damage (like a Mage’s Fireball) or instant death (like a Rogue’s Assassinate) to an opposing ally but the constant knowledge of Tidal Wave kept opponents at bay. The opponent had two routes – play into Tidal Wave or play single allies that get bounced by a Retreat/Banish or get locked by Jasmine Rosecult. It was a golden age for Zhanna.

Shattered Fates (SF) introduced new heroes and new cards across the board for all classes. Already difficult matches for Zhanna became even more difficult. Discard Zaladar, Wulven Moonstalker, Serena, and Homunculus Aramia are all vastly difficult for a standard Zhanna deck to compete with. The slow and steady pace of the old style of Zhanna became no longer good enough.
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[SF] Priest: Drawing Capabilities

For our (pre) Halloween release we are blessing you night with the Priests. The Priests drawing has evolved with each expansion of Shadow Era. Call of the Crystals revolved around Tainted Oracle and Wizent’s Staff, Dark Prophecies brought new tools like Forgiveness and Elizabeth Winterborn, and recently Shattered Fates brings Scriptures of the Righteous and Glass Chalice of Knowing both which seem to have replaced all the other draw options.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Jericho Spellbane – 4SE: Target friendly hero or ally has all enemy attachments and negative effects removed, or target attachment is removed.
Zhanna Mist – 3SE: Target friendly hero or ally heals 3 damage.
Threbin the Righteous – 3SE: Until the start of your next turn, opposing heroes and allies that enter combat with Threbin take 2 arcane damage.


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