SamuelJ’s Zaliscard


I would like to start by saying this is one of the best decks I have played. Zaladar has always been strong with his ability to do 3 damage to 2 targets. With the added synergy of discard, he has become an even bigger threat.

This deck is very versatile and does not have any truly bad match ups. The main strategy of this deck is in its discard synergy. There are several ways to handle any ally played by your opponent. If needed, you can also run solo to prevent an opponent from healing or drawing from killing your allies. Continue reading

[SF] Piraxix: Advancing Discarded Army

Prior to trying the following Piraxix deck out I had previously only played him about 2 times over the course of the last year. Piraxix is not one of those heroes that particularly interest me, so I though I would try something different with him from what everybody else was doing. This deck does not seek to mill the opponent but instead uses a combination of a steady stream of allies, cantrip drawing, as well as other on summon and on discard effects to control the board and win the game.

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[SF] Elemental: Drawing Capabilities

Elemental class has always had some powerful class cards with weak draw. Antimatter has increased in Shattered Fates, with Bloodthirsty and Dimensional Ripper still running strong for Elementalis.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Elementalis – 3SE: Target friendly ally gains +1 base attack and +3 health.
Zaladar – 4SE: Up to 2 different target opposing heroes or allies take 3 electrical damage.
Piraxix – 4SE: All players discard 3 cards from their decks. Target opposing hero or ally takes X damage, where X was the number of allies discarded, to a maximum of 4.


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Elementalis by Edgenel [v.2.86]

This is v.2.86 Elementalis deck by Edgenel who achieved No.1 on the both rating and scoring ranking with the underused hero.
Edgenel has been known as a master of Elementalis. His love for Ele is insurmountable that nobody has ever seen him playing other heroes…

Key Cards: Dimension Ripper, Murderous Hulk, Meat Wagon

Speed: Fast

Difficulty: 2/5

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Hidden Potential In Cards: Antimatter

In Call of the Crystals Elemental class had to rely on burst draws (Bad Santa/Sac Lamb), cantrips (Here Be Monsters) and other bilateral draw sources (Bazaar, Dimension Reaper). They were only class without dedicated draw engine and it was their main weakness. My guess is the reason behind it was that power level of Zaladar (with arguably best ability in game) would be too great if he would have access to strong draw engine along the lines of Blood Frenzy or Ill Gotten Gains.

Still, lack of draw was apparent and with Dark Prophecies they filled that hole in strategy with Antimatter. If you compare it to other draw engines in game at that time it was most expensive one. Gain of one card for 3c is really expensive, and only synergy with discards had Soul Reaper and some gimmicky stuff like discarding attachments for Xar Modulator. Cost of discarding a card was real cost back then and that was the reason many deck builders were reluctant to rely on it and still went on burst draw route. Continue reading