Hidden Potential In Cards: Antimatter

In Call of the Crystals Elemental class had to rely on burst draws (Bad Santa/Sac Lamb), cantrips (Here Be Monsters) and other bilateral draw sources (Bazaar, Dimension Reaper). They were only class without dedicated draw engine and it was their main weakness. My guess is the reason behind it was that power level of Zaladar (with arguably best ability in game) would be too great if he would have access to strong draw engine along the lines of Blood Frenzy or Ill Gotten Gains.

Still, lack of draw was apparent and with Dark Prophecies they filled that hole in strategy with Antimatter. If you compare it to other draw engines in game at that time it was most expensive one. Gain of one card for 3c is really expensive, and only synergy with discards had Soul Reaper and some gimmicky stuff like discarding attachments for Xar Modulator. Cost of discarding a card was real cost back then and that was the reason many deck builders were reluctant to rely on it and still went on burst draw route. Continue reading