Serena: Robber Paradise

This is a deck and write-up from BP Chamthabo, originally posted to the forum, and reposted here with his permission.  He is one of my favorite rogue players to watch and has done some great things with his Serena deck. This deck helped to change my opinion of Wily Smuggler and Spirit Shuriken and has shown me how useful those cards can really be.  Here is BP Chamthabo’s write-up of the deck:

As I think I will switch to another hero, I decide to post my Serenaicon deck. This deck brought me to maximum 335 rating (before droping rapidly due to a lot of DC) and gave me 13 win streak(including some MS and ravager). New cutlass is so fun I often use my opponent’s cards to win my game.

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Attachment Lance

This is a deck made by Maxi1230 (who gave me permission to post it here), and originally posted on the community forums. Although it certainly appears to be a gimmicky deck at first glance, it can be fairly competitive in many matchups, and really brings a unique play-style to Lance.  It’s a fun and refreshing change of pace, and makes for some really interesting and crazy games.

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