Aramia, the Lonely Chick

Aramia,The Lonely Chick

Written by Jordan
The hot summer winds swept across the plains of Balor, rustling through the small villages located at the base of Mt. Miaara, the shape shifting mountain shrouded in mystery. Next to the serene majesty of Mt. Miaara lay a surprising sight; a smoking and charred wasteland of spent supernovas and failed boomerangs.
At the base of Mt. Miaara, one could make out the outline of a massive, dull blue facility pulsing with a teal fog of ethereal energies. The occasional thwack of the boomerang and fizzling of a fireball could be heard emanating from the grandiose marble entrance which faced the mountain. The surrounding villages were built with a wide berth from the facility, for good reason. The facility was known to occasionally release giant bouts of flaming gas and waves of razor sharp boomerangs. It is said, according to a Unaxion paladin who had once gotten close as it happened, that one could hear the raging screams of Aramia as she tossed out apprentices wielding unstable supernovas and sent them flying to the wastelands to released the pent up energy. Continue reading

[SF] Human Mage: Drawing Capabilities

Human Mages are consistently one of the Top Decks of Shadow Era. Mainly they tend to be of the rush variant and they have tons of draw options to support this. Tome of Knowledge has consistently been one of the top draw engines for Mages for all expansions. Call of the Crystals and Dark Prophecies also used lots of Bad Santa and occasionally splashed Honored Dead as well as Treasured Heirloom. Shattered Fates brings a new tool in Amulet of Conjuring which really speed the flow of draw cards to the hand. In remains to be determined whether Amulet will remain in its current form or if it will receive some nerf as we move closer to completing the set.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Nishaven – 5SE: All allies take 4 electrical damage.
Eladwen Frostmire – 4SE: Target opposing ally takes 4 ice damage and is frozen (it can’t attack, defend or use abilities) for 2 turns.
Aramia – 3SE: Target item in your deck with cost 3 or less is put into play, as if summoned at no cost. Shuffle your deck.
Loest, Savior of Layar– 5SE: Target ally, item or ability is exiled (removed from the game).


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