[SF] Shadow Warrior: Drawing Capabilities

Hi there!  Over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to be doing a run-down of draw capabilities available across all faction/class combinations in Shadow Era.  Each article will be quite in-depth, since the main idea is to highlight options that perhaps you might have previously overlooked, to give you as much flexibility as possible when putting together your next deck.

In a move designed to slightly nudge the game back to unbiased treatment of each faction, I’ve decided to start with Shadow Warriors, who are not normally available to play from the outset.  (Your free class deck when you sign up has to be for Human faction).  Let’s get going …

Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Ter Adun – 4SE: Target item or support ability is destroyed.
Logan Stonebreaker – 4SE: Until the end of your turn, your weapons gain +1 attack, and if Logan deals combat damage to an ally, that ally is killed.
Vess Swifthands – 3SE: Until the end of your turn, your attachments cost 3 less resources to summon.
Rothem, King of Layar– 5SE: Until the start of your next turn, weapons you control have +3 attack and allies you control have +2 attack.



Braxnorian Veteran (4cc – 3/4) When Braxnorian Veteran is summoned, you may return target Warrior attachment in your graveyard to your hand.

Cryptspawn Tormentor(3cc – 3/4) When Cryptspawn Tormentor is killed by an ability while there are at least 2 Undead allies in your graveyard, Cryptspawn Tormentor is returned to its owner’s hand.
Slingblade Demon (3cc – 3/3) When Slingblade Demon is summoned, you may return target other friendly ally to its owner’s hand to renew 2 resources.
Belladonna (4cc – 4/2) When Belladonna is summoned, draw a card.
Wulven Tracker (4cc – 2/4) Wulven Tracker is a wolf ally. When Wulven Tracker deals damage, draw a card.
Falseblood Cultist (4cc – 2/4) When Falseblood Cultist is summoned, you may discard target card in your hand to draw 2 cards.
Der’kan, the Bone King (4cc – 3/4) When Der’kan is summoned while there are at least 3 Undead allies in your graveyard, target opposing hero or ally takes 2 ice damage. When Der’kan is killed while he is the only ally you control, he is returned to his owners hand.
Shadow Knight (5cc – 5/4) When Shadow Knight is summoned, return the top ally from your graveyard back to your hand.
Darkwood Wraith (5cc -2/5) When Darkwood Wraith is summoned, target ally with a cost of 3 or less is returned to its owners hand.


All Hope is Lost (1cc) Target opposing hero takes 5 unpreventable damage if its controller’s deck is empty. Draw a card.
Sacrificial Lamb (2cc) Sacrifice an ally. Draw cards equal to that ally’s cost, to a maximum of 3.
Here Be Monsters (3cc) Destroy an enemy resource if they have equal to or more resources than you. Draw a card.
Overwhelm (5cc) All opposing heroes and allies take 1 damage for each ally you control. Draw a card.

Word of the Prophet (1cc) Up to 3 cards in your hand are shuffled into their owner’s deck and then you draw the same number of cards.
Bad Santa (2cc) Both players draw 3 cards, up to their maximum hand size.
Melt Down (2cc) Destroy an item you control. Draw two cards.
Master Smith (4cc) Return any weapon or armour from your graveyard to your hand.
Ley Line Nexus (5cc) Destroy target item with cost 5 or greater. Draw a card.


Blood Frenzy (3cc) Ongoing: Your hero takes 1 damage and draws an extra card each turn.

Bloodthirsty (3cc) While Bloodthirsty is attached to target friendly ally, that ally has +1 attack and each time it kills an opposing ally it gains +1 base attack and you draw a card.

Confluence of Fate (2cc) Sustain: 1HP. Attach to your hero. At the end of each of your turns, draw a card for each attachment you summoned that turn, to a maximum of 2 cards per turn.


Tombstone Beacon (3cc – 3d) 1D: If you summoned an Undead ally this turn, 1 of your resources is renewed and you draw a card.

Loom of Fate (1cc) 1: All players draw a card.
Bazaar (2cc) Ongoing: Each player draws an extra card at the start of their turn.
Crystal Shards (2cc – 4d) Any player may activate the following ability on their turn: 1D: Discard a card from your deck and draw a card.
Aldmor Conduit (3cc) Any player may use the following ability on their turn. 1SE: Draw a card.


Dimension Ripper (5cc – 2/3) When your Hero deals damage, each player draws a card from the other player’s deck.

Looter’s Baton (5cc – 1/4) When your hero kills an ally in combat, draw a card.



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  1. This is cool Buqs – I saw you did something like this in your Gravebone profile, and when I did my Serena profile I was like – nah that’s too much work. But it is useful, especially to people (like me) who want to make new and unique decks, so thanks!

    • Bob I got your back brother. I’ll be covering all class / factions combinations. I’ll do all the work for you, and you can add it to your Serena profile

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