[SF] Rogue: Drawing Capabilities

Ugggh…the class I like the least. I actually love the idea of the class and is usually the class I choose in RPGs. My displeasure actually comes from not be able to play them very well and me and Lance go back ….way back and I’m not over it yet. Originally I was going to release Rogues last but in honor of one of our authors bobross who love this class, I’ve fast tracked them to head of the class.


Current Expansion: SHATTERED FATES

Current Version: 2.87

Lance Shadowstalker – 4SE: Target friendly ally has ambush, stealth and haste until the start of your next turn.
Serena Thoughtripper – 3SE: Until the end of your turn, your weapons have +2 attack, and if Serena deals combat damage to a hero, that hero’s owner discards a card at random.
Garth Ravensoul – 3SE: Target opposing ally takes 1 damage and all other damage to that ally is doubled until the start of your next turn.



Night Owl (3cc – 3/2) While opposing player controls a number of allies equal to or greater than you, Night Owl has stealth. When Night Owl is killed, draw a card.
Oliver Fagin (7cc – 1/7) When Oliver Fagin is summoned, target opposing ally with cost 3 or less is placed in your hand. Oliver Fagin has +1 attack for each card in your hand.

Fleet-footed Messenger (3cc – 1/5) Haste (This ally can attack and use ability in the turn he is summoned) 1: Target card in your hand is shuffled into your deck and you draw a card.
Lily Rosecult (4cc – 3/4) When Lily is summoned, return the top item from your graveyard to your hand.
Tainted Oracle (4cc – 2/2) When Tainted Oracle is destroyed draw 2 cards.
Mystic of the Vale (4cc – 2/6) 2: Target attachment is returned to its owner’s hand.
Nathanias, People’s Champion (7cc – 5/8) When Nathanias is summoned, draw a card: if that card is an ally, it is summoned at no cost; otherwise, it is discarded.


Repaid in Full (2cc) If an ally was killed this turn, draw 2 cards.
Mugged! (3cc) Target opposing ally is disabled for 1 turn. Draw a card.
Procured and Restored (4cc) Target item in a graveyard is placed into your hand.
Smoke Screen (4cc) Exhaust your hero to make all opposing allies disabled for one turn. Draw a card.

Shrine of Negatia (1cc) Return target item with cost 4 or less to its controller’s hand.
Retreat! (2cc) Put target ally back into its owner’s hand.
Campfire Stories (2cc) All of your allies heal 2 damage. Draw a card.
Disrupt Aura (2cc) Target attachment is returned to its owner’s hand, and the hero of ally it was attached to takes 1 damage.
Glimmer of Hope (2cc) Draw 3 cards and discard 2 of them.
Road Less Traveled (3cc) Target ally is returned to its owner’s hand: that ally’s owner draws 2 cards.
Honored Dead (4cc) If you have at least 3 allies in your graveyard, draw 2 cards and your Hero gains 2 health.

Word of the Prophet (1cc) Up to 3 cards in your hand are shuffled into their owner’s deck and then you draw the same number of cards.
Bad Santa (2cc) Both players draw 3 cards, up to their maximum hand size.
Melt Down (2cc) Destroy an item you control. Draw two cards.
Master Smith (4cc) Return any weapon or armour from your graveyard to your hand.
Ley Line Nexus (5cc) Destroy target item with cost 5 or greater. Draw a card.


Backstab (2cc) Attach to target friendly ally until the start of your next turn. That ally has +2 attack and ambush. When Backstab is summoned, draw a card.
Silent Strike (3cc) Draw a card. Target friendly ally has stealth and ambush until start of your next turn.
Elicit Information (4cc) Attach to your Hero. When an opponent discards a card from their hand to the graveyard, you draw a card.

Treasured Heirloom (3cc) Target friendly ally has +1 attack while Treasured Heirloom is attached. When Treasured Heirloom is destroyed, you draw 2 cards.

Confluence of Fate (2cc) Sustain: 1HP. Attach to your hero. At the end of each of your turns, draw a card for each attachment you summoned that turn, to a maximum of 2 cards per turn.


Vozitian Orders (3cc) 0: If you summoned an ally this turn, target other friendly ally is returned to your hand.
Ill-Gotten Gains (4cc) Ongoing: Whenever an opposing ally or item is destroyed, draw a card.

Scriptures of the Righteous (2cc – 4d) 1D: If an opposing hero or ally was dealt arcane damage this turn, draw a card.
Twilight Eidolon (3cc) When a friendly Twilight ally is killed, that ally is returned to play and Twilight Eidolon is destroyed. 0: Draw a card if you control 2 or more Twilight allies.

Loom of Fate (1cc) 1: All players draw a card.
Bazaar (2cc) Ongoing: Each player draws an extra card at the start of their turn.
Crystal Shards (2cc – 4d) Any player may activate the following ability on their turn: 1D: Discard a card from your deck and draw a card.
Aldmor Conduit (3cc) Any player may use the following ability on their turn. 1SE: Draw a card.


Fan of Blades (6cc – 1/4) Your hero may attack up to four different targets each turn. When Fan of Blades is destroyed, draw a card.

Thoughtripper ‘s Cutlass (5cc – 2/4) When your hero kills an opposing ally in combat, that ally’s controller draws a card and discards a random card from their hand. While this weapon has at least 4 attack, cards discarded from opposing hands are placed in yours.

Looter’s Baton (5cc – 1/4) When your hero kills an ally in combat, draw a card.


Gravedigger’s Cloak (4cc – 3/1) 2: Place a random card from the opponent’s graveyard into your hand.
Night Prowler (5cc – 1/1) If your Hero deals damage to an opposing Hero, you take 1 card from their hand at random.

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  1. Aww, thanks! This is very cool. Maybe we can trade lessons sometime, I’ll get you in the rogue mindset and you teach me to enjoy playing mage.

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