Majiya: I Wanna Be Zaladar

This deck seeks to emulate Zaladar with his infinite 3 damage sources. Majiya can be used similarly but with different class card the game plan is a bit different.

Harbinger if the Lost should help maintaining board in early game but also it helps trigger Dagger of  Fate more frequently.

Death Mage Thaddeus pairs well with Majiya but is really a secondary pinger to Rampant Krygon.

Rampant Krygon swinging in for 2 is way better than DMT, but the ability utility also doubles as DMT ping and combos well with Majiya ability.

Brimstone Devourer is to be discarded  via Harbinger, Falseblood Cultist, Living Armor or opponent.

Falseblood Cultist offers draw and discard outlet for Brimstone Devourer.

Dagger of Fate is awesome. Can deal up to 9 damage for 3cc if you can get a discard in for all 3 uses. Look to combo most frequently with Harbinger as cheapest option.

Living Armor‘s  high cost means smaller quantities but it’s super useful and versatile.

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  1. Hey Buqs, I like the idea of this deck! Do you think amulet of conjuring would work better in this deck? Or does tok work better with the speed of this deck? I would assume Maj’s ability and Falsebloods draw are enough supplemental. Anyways, thanks for you time!

    E2e TheScope

  2. I saw a burn Aramia deck using Dagger of fate comboed with Crystal Shards, reminds me a bit of this. I really like the title and the concept.

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