Gravebone: Zal-Buster

ETC had an internal thread about what breaks Zaladar and it got me interested in taking a different approach with Gravebone. Essentially I am basically wanting to recycle Deathbone as much as possible to keep a defensive presence and damage source on the board.

Since this deck is intended to be used against Zal I decided no fatties which also means Tome of Knowledge for draw. I will probably look at some split with Tombstone.

Necromancer’s Shroud has always been a favorite SF card of mine so I really want to explore the interaction with Deathbone. I maxed out the armors to get a really good feel so I can swap armors to keep my Deathbones in play. Cryptspawn and Death Collector are also a suitable revive targets depending on needs. Shroud also plays favorably against discard decks. I also brought in Staff of Disintegration to assist with Necro Shroud removal. Now I opted for this route over Meltdown because I can use staff against my opponents weapons/armors. This can take out the dagger of fates pretty quickly (also getting staff practice for future Ravager build).

So Deathbones, good draw, flood potential, low cost allies and weapon removal are my current strategic tactics against Zaladar. I may look at Dawn Raid for infinity core and antimatter for more shutdown.

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