Gravebone: Undead Necromancer (Pseudo Haste)

This one originally revolved around Corpse Shifter before evolving to current deck format.

Corpse Shifter – This guy is a monster. He can deal 3 damage to allies or hero with his ability, attack for 2 and the 6 health is nothing to sneeze at. He requires a lot of undead allies for ammo so this is a heavy allied build and we use SK to bring back the undead for continual spam.

Obviously we need ammo for the cannon so he is naturally going to pair favorably with Shadow Knight, and not so much with Dakrath, Harbinger of the Lost (both too much discard, but both are included) or Der’Kan. The key points are going to be around turn 5 as there are many options available:

With Shifter on the board:
-Discard SK (and deal ability damage) + SK to retrieve original SK back to hand (really any ally could be the discard.
-Discard SK/Dakrath (and deal ability  damage) + revive SK/Dakrath + Bone Saber/Stoneskin.
-Discard Cryptspawn Tormentor (and deal ability damage) + Necro shroud to revive Cryptspawn Tormentor and attack + Sac Lamb on CryptspawnTormentor.

Harbringer of the Lost is the turn 2 drop. He is Undead and provides an early game presence which Gravebone still needs due to his lack of hero ability damage. The bonus is this can start the graveyard requirement for Cryptspawn Tormentor if an ally goes to the graveyard, plue hell gain +1/+1 to his stats which make him a good early 2/4. We hope to get either SK or Dakrath into the graveyard.

Cryptspawn Tormentor – Lovely self reviving ability. He can be a turn 3 drop realising that you will not gain his ability benefit this early. It is ok if he goes to the graveyard because we aim to use him with Necro Shroud as a revive deal 3 damage then combo with sac lamb to draw cards and reset him to hand before he goes back to graveyard at the end of turn. Dakrath, Corpse Shifter, Harbringer and Falseblood all help keep his ability going as the match continues on.

Dakrath РUnbelievable ally. He is an Armored  Sandworm on steroids. He is going to be best used summoned from the graveyard so look to your discard options to help get him there. Be careful though as he can help your opponent empty your deck faster. He pairs favorably with Bone Saber and Stoneskin

Falseblood Cultist – This guy is not undead so he will not work with corpse hurler but he can help to dig for undead bodies and key cards. He assist in getting a fatty into the graveyard as well as keeping the undead ally count in check from Cryptspawn. This guy replaces Tombstone Beacon. In my testing I have found tombstone to not be easy to play early on and late game is really too late if your low on cards. The body on board is much better for Gravebone.

Necro Shroud – Used for reviving Death Collector or Cryptspawn for use with Sac Lamb after attack. Try to kill Shroud’s last durability and prevent ally’s return to graveyard¬† by playing a new shroud or using Meltdown. This is a pseudo haste tactic, but remember the ally you bring back only has 1 health so choose target wisely (one with no retaliation damage) if seeking to combo with Sac Lamb. Also Shroud is my replacement for Lightning Strike and my intended current use for dealing with Furrion Terror who is immune to fire damage.

Stoneskin – great protection for your fatties from cheap control. Basically can get you an extra 1-2 turns with a fatty if your opponent is not equipped to deal with it.

Bone Saber – just add SK/Dakrath and go to town. Raven will stop my reviving SKs no more. This weapon is straight up amazing as a pseudo haste option for Gravebone. This works with any ally being revived or summoned so there are 2 ways to gain this benefit. Combos well with Necro Shroud for double attack opportunities provided your first target does not have a retaliation attack (shroud revived allies only have 1 hp). Revived SK/Dakrath can deal 6 damage to opposing allies. Note: Bone Saber Attack does not work on heroes only allies. Also needs to deal combat damage to allies with Bone Sabre to receive pseudo haste benefit (stay away from IK, Gargoyles, SW, Dakrath, Fortified Wisp, Grave Resistance).

I’ve tried this build with Frostmare and Tombstone but they just don’ t feel right with the current set up. Also Derkan is a potential option for Dakrath replacement if I find that I am discarding to many cards.

NOTE: All pseudo haste bypasses Haste blockers, except for freeze (only matters when intended target comes from hand).

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