Gravebone: Defensive Stance

Gravebone can be played in so many ways. This is a defensive variant, making use of some new toys from Shattered Fates.

I’ve always thought that Kairos Doombringer has not really lived up to his Epicness … until now. Kairos + Stoneskin + Grimghast is really nice. Fatebreak Familiar is also an ability protector. Morbid Acolyte for high health and stealth/protector/passive bypass.

Harbinger of the Lost for his discard plus 4hp early is really no brainier for me in ALMOST every GB build. Here is no different because we’re trying to get Kairos as early as possible so I can imagine not having 4x.

Fatebreak is there for protection from cheap removal. With Kairos being the main focus I want to protect him as much as possible. Also Fatebreak has great synergy with Grimhast in that they protect each other with Grimhast being the one we want to survive. I’d love to run 4 Stoneskins but that’s just a dumb idea.

Also the overall cheap curve allows me to use Tome of Knowledge as my draw engine and still play cards regularly.

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