[SF 2.920] Boris “Bring out your Dead” (Twilight)

So with the recent Shattered Fates update of 2.920, Twilight Ritualist had her ability changed.

Twilight Ritualist – Ability changed to “2: If you control another Twilight ally, target opposing ally, item or ability with cost 4 or less is exiled, and Twilight Ritualist is killed at the end of your turn. (from “2: Target enemy item or ability with cost 3 or less is destroyed, and Twilight Ritualist is killed at the end of your turn.).

I wanted to make sure to test this new change out a lot as well as do research for my Twilight Guide. I went straight for Boris as my hero I think because I planned on trying them all out, but once I started playing him I found it hard to even want to try anyone else. I have been playing the following deck on the QM ladder for the past 2 seasons and is probably my best Human QM deck I’ve created.

Boris has excellent synergy with the Twilight Alignment. Warriors have excellent draw and cheap control to combo play with Twilights to ensure they can do their thing.

Twilight RitualistTwilight Ritualist is the focal point of the build and one of my favorite allies in Shattered Fate. Ritualist is able to target allies for removal which generally has been more useful that removing an ability or item, which typically is not done until later in the game. The ally control which is particularly helpful due to the emergence of the strong new 4cc allies which at times can be difficult to deal with if you don’t have enough deck space. Her ability can be difficult to trigger before turn 5 due to needing another friendly Twilight ally in play, but Boris can often help take out immediate threats and hopefully Ritualist can survive to take down subsequent threats. The card removed via Ritualist ability is actually exiled, which is very important. This disrupts various interactions such as destroyed or killed, as well as helps to create graveyard disruption by preventing the targets from going there.
Twilight EidolonTwilight LifebringerYari SpearmanCrippling Blow Twilight Eidolon is a great Artifact for the Twilight Alignment. This gives a dual life to the first Twilight ally killed on the turn. This both helps to save allies on the board, but also damage off of your Hero. There is also the possibility of using this as secondary draw. If Eidolon triggers on your turn, Twilight ally will be readied at the end of this turn, if Eidolon triggers on opponents turn then Twilight ally will not ready until end of your next turn. Yari Spearman is a pseudo Eidolon protector piece for your Twilight Allies (and Eidolon). Essentially opponent will have to take down Spearman before they can get to other desired allies you have been protecting. Twilight Lifebringer also acts similarly to Yari Spearman in that he grants other Twilights a health boost which might put them out of kill range, thus needing to remove Lifebringer first. Crippling Blows are excellent control and cheap enough to combo with an ally same turn.

Twilight HeaddressTwilight WardenTwilight ChampionThis group of Twilight theme revolves around big growth. Twilight Champion has the potential to grow extremely large and fast depending on how you have built your deck. She grows +1/+1 with every death of an other Twilight ally. This aggressive growth pattern generally puts her up front in terms of threat to the opponent. Twilight Warden is generally not used early game except against hunters to break Snare Traps. Late game is really where she shines when she comes in as a large 5/5 threat for a cost of 3, which makes her initially more threatening that Twilight Champion. Twilight Headdress is an excellent armor allowing some utility to kill off a dying ally to boost another. The ally you choose to kill must be Twilight, however the ally you choose to boost does not need to be Twilight (Yari Spearman). In addition to the excellent growth boost of Headdress, it also helps to act as Negative Attachment replacement (kill ally for growth instead).

Demetreyo, Twilight ExtremistYari MarksmanStrength of ConvictionSorcerer of Endia The additional utility (besides Ritualist) of this deck is very flexible and there are many ways to remove threats of all kinds. First Boris ability is one of the strongest in the game in a non-fatty meta. Stronger 4cc allies have emerged during Shattered Fates and Boris does not require any combo cards to execute his ability. He has some complimentary pieces to help him control the board. Demetryo is excellent as a fireball for the tribe, which can hit the hero or the board, but the haste is conditional and he also makes a great complimentary target for Headdress. Yari Marksman is just a great Warrior ally and hard to pass up. If you decide to play setup early, Twilight Eidolon/Crippling on 2, Blood Frenzy on 3, Marksman’s ability is generally ready to be triggered around Turns 4-5 to compliment timing with Boris’ ability as a mini-board wipe. This plus draw will easily put you back in the game. Strength of Conviction is generally not needed, however a quick 2 additional damage can really make a huge difference on the board at times. Sorcerer of Endia is generally a sack choice in a lot of games, simply because Ritualist is the focal point and if you get Ritualist going taking out opponents abilities/items, Sorcerer of Endia just doesn’t get to her conditions. That being said she has great utility as a backup, but also as a strong ally which aggressive stats that must be dealt with.

Treasured HeirloomBlood Frenzy
Drawing Cards is very important with the Twilight Alignment. They need to be able to not only get to key combo cards but also be able to replace allies/board that you may choose to remove on your turn. Warrior have the best drawing in the game with Blood Frenzy drawing extra cards per turn without having to loose additional tempo. Twilight Eidolon is a no brainer as far as inclusion. Generally you will not be drawing a significant amount of cards on it, but Yari Spearman can protect the drawing and triggering of Eidolon. Treasure Heirloom is also a splash draw for its dual purpose, of attack boost and drawing cards. This works best going on an ally opponent is going to kill, or you plan on killing either via self-kill or retaliation damage.

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