Serena: Robber Paradise

This is a deck and write-up from BP Chamthabo, originally posted to the forum, and reposted here with his permission.  He is one of my favorite rogue players to watch and has done some great things with his Serena deck. This deck helped to change my opinion of Wily Smuggler and Spirit Shuriken and has shown me how useful those cards can really be.  Here is BP Chamthabo’s write-up of the deck:

As I think I will switch to another hero, I decide to post my Serenaicon deck. This deck brought me to maximum 335 rating (before droping rapidly due to a lot of DC) and gave me 13 win streak(including some MS and ravager). New cutlass is so fun I often use my opponent’s cards to win my game.

This is a fresh new serena deck with a lot of fun stuff from SF. Let’s look at some cards.

Lily Roseculticon
She is my favorite ally since the time I played hand destruction garth, and now she is still useful. With 14 item in this deck, you will have a lot of way to use her and she is the reason I use only 2xAB. She has nice synergy with Wily as she gives you more items to trigger his ability.

Fleet-footed Messengericon
Wreon’s divine serenaty really made me a fan of FFM. In his deck, FFM is very useful with 4xAssassination, but he is even more useful in this deck. FFM + backstab guarantee you that backstab won’t be a dead draw and it often surprises my opponent. With 3 different weapon in this deck, his shuffle is very handy.

Wily Smugglericon
He is a very underestimated ally. Perfect opening of this deck is like this, t1 nothing -> t2 Ironmonger(optional) -> t3 Wily -> t4 IGG + backstab killing opponent’s t3 ally and draw a card. Even without that combo he is still great in this deck. His 5 hp makes him survivable enough for being a target for Assassinationicon. The play I like the most is playing him the turn before you use Cutlass to steal card so he will renew resource for you to use stolen card in the same turn. 4t Wily + Shuriken + backstab will stop all kind of rush. He is also the reason why I use only cheap allies.

The star of this deck!!! If you use it to kill opponent’s ally (especially in early game) it means 1 card advantage. 9 allies in this deck is hard to kill so they won’t die easily before you can use backstab on them. It is also very good in late game to boost your damage output before some opponent might kill you (Zal, burn mage). Very useful against mage as you don’t need to risk another ally to nova just to have more damage output. Its ambush also makes disable from AB less necessary.

— Thoughtripper’s Cutlass —
The real star of this deck!!! Use buffed cutlass to kill ally only when necessary because that is only 1 card advantage, hit the hero instead. Your game won’t be boring any more because every game is now different. It’s great when you steal opponent’s power cards like MC, KP, Stop thief!, Nova, any ally removal(make your allies safer and help kill opponent’s allies). it used to be bad for your opponent when those cards are simply discarded, but now it’s even worse, so I call Cutlass a “Luck amplifier”. Here are some example from my real gameplay.
– Stealing MC and my opponent is stupid enough to drop 4/3 reactorary next turn.
– Stealing KP and my deck becomes haste Serena.
– Stealing Shadow font and steal more card.
– Stealing Night Prowlericon, Speed strike and steal 2 cards in one hit.
– Stealing Nathaniasicon.
– Stealing Charred cowl of the damned and some more undead allies so you have your own undead army.
– Stealing NYM or DfA and kill stealth ally.
– Stealing Bloodthirstyicon and use it with backstab on NO/FFM
– Stealing FB and gg.
There is another possibility that I rarely use. If you get a crappy card, you can use FFM to send them back and draw a card from your own deck instead.

Spirit Shurikenicon
Hard counter to Moonstalkericon, Tala, Elementalisicon, Aramiaicon or any builds with hard-to-kill allies. t7 Shuriken + blackgarb is almost board wipe. You only need this card once in any game because it will scare the crap out of your opponent.

Fun fact : Ravager isn’t that hard to beat if you play it right. They tend to empty their hand pretty quickly.
This deck’s greatest weakness : Edgenel, I never won against him from our 5 matches. If you see a lot of edgenel in the meta, switch to another deck!

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BobRoss has been using the pseudonym (based on the television painter, Bob Ross) since he first got AOL in 1993. He's got a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has been an avid video game player and computer user his whole life. He used to love Magic The Gathering, also way back in those AOL days, and has been playing Shadow Era almost since its inception. He has been mostly a casual gamer, but recently took a more active role in the community with several articles on and by participating in the World Championship tournaments, where he earned the title of Regional Champion for Europe and Africa (although he lives in New York).
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