Quickmatch Spotlight: Last Week of Season 20


Veles here to bring you latest update on players picks for ladder climbing. This time around I look up top 15 ranked players and their favorite decks before ending of Season 20.  Before we start I would just like to point out that player base is currently divided between iOS users and Android/PC users as they play on different versions (2/86 and 2.87  respectively)  so that might have slight impact on the meta. For reminder of state at the start of this season you can read Mojumbo’s Quickmatch spotlight.


#1 TJ Yman: 333, #2 Bobwei: 333, #3 ROK Viscuit: 325

This weeks number 1, TJ Yman, is using discard Zaladar, once again proving that Zaladar is one of strongest heroes in SF and especially dangerous in hands of good players. Sharing same rating and using similar deck is Bobwei and not far behind them is ROK Viscuit also utilizing discard Zaladar to a very good success. You can say Zaladar is really king of the ladder at this time.

#4 betrayal4life: 320

At 4th place we have betrayal4life skillfully using what I call standard Victor. Cards of note are Hunter’s Gambit, Zailen Crusader and Bobcat that work great together with Layarian Seductress, Poison Arrow, and Snare Trap to help with board control. There are few cards to help deal with current meta like Twilight Ritualist, which counters Blood Frenzy and Antimatter, and Spelleater Bands to help against Zaladar and Mages.



5th place is currently held by E2E JEDIMINDTRIX. E2E JEDIMINDTRIX is using rushy version of Loest, Savior of Layar. He has opted to use Cinderborn Familiar (Fatebreak Familiar in 2.86) as his standard T2 drop and Amulet of Conjuring as main draw engine. Beside usual rush ally set up of Kris, Aldon, Priest of The Light, Layarian Seductress and plethora of burn cards he also uses Transmogrification Curse to help with board control.


#6 Kyltz: 318

Kyltz is currently taking 6th place with his Amber decks. I say decks because his Amber is constantly evolving, although it can fall under aggro deck.  We can see classic DP line up with Jeweler’s Dream, Priest of The Light and Fleet Footed Messenger updated with some SF cards like Bladedancer, Viska and War Flail. I would like to point out few interesting cards he has incorporated in his deck: Enslave the Beast and Curse of Aldmor together with Zailen crusader for additional resource acceleration and control.


#7 Gaid: 316

Gaid is playing Moonstalker fatty roll deck but without SF cards. This puts him outside of main meta as he is only matched with other non SF users, therefore making his success hard to grade.




#8 WILX17: 314

At 8th place we have another Discard Zaladar user. WLX17’s version however has slight variation of this type as he is also using Grimghast.




#9 A1 Flibber: 313

A1 Flibber is our 9th spot, also using Loest, but with added control elements like Sorcerer of Endia and A Legend Rises, making it possible for him to switch from rush to control given depending on situation.




#10 egatemi: 313

In 1oth we have egatemi with interesting Aramia rush deck. Beside classic human mage rush elements he is using Dagger of Fate and Crystal Shards with Aramia’s ability for added damage and draw.




#11 ETC FDL: 313

Up next we have FDL and his Resource Destruction Baduruu, going very antimeta with this choice. His deck tends to lock down opponent from using items and abilities with chain of resource destruction cards like Here Be Monsters and Cobraskin Wraps and use of Wulven Tactitian.



#12 KA stonecold: 313

KA stonecold has been switching between Eladwen rush updated for SF with Cinderborn Familiar as standard T2 drop and haste based Zhanna using Kings Pride with Kris, Fleet Footed Messenger and Viska for powerfull late game.



#13 KA Fate of Wheel: 313

KA Fate of Wheel is another non SF user who is dominating with classic DP Amber.





#14 Greymouser: 313

Comming 14th so far Greymouser is using several decks: Discard Zaladar, Victor and most recently Ravager Banebow. His Banebow is making good use of recent buffs to Ravagers.




#15 Donkeykong123: 313

And at 15th place Donkeykong123 is another follower of rush Loest.





As you can see a noticeable change from beginning of the season is less hero diversity. Seems like top ratings are dominated with Zaladar and Loest and few antimeta call heroes like Baduruu,  Banebow and Amber. What’s  surprising for me is lack of early seasons favorites like Serena and Moonstalker. However, we still have a week left to give final judgment. That’s plenty of time to plan your strategy to win the heights of SE quickmatch scene!

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  1. I’m wondering if the split release of 2.87 (arggg iOS!) may have contributed to the weird top rankings. The smaller community on either side of the update means that the difference in ranking between players is greater. One feature of low-ranked decks is an inability to deal with certain archetypes (such as rush). Thus good players playing those archetypes continue to do well in ranking (as they consistently win against those low ranked players). Other archetypes, such as control can take all-comers, but they also have a chance to lose against all decks. Losing to those low-ranked decks every once in a while really kills your ranking, and so I think players who play those styles (such as myself) have fallen in rank quite a bit. I’m hopeful that once we’re all on the same version again, things will even out.

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