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The Shadow Era Pro Tour brings together players from all parts of the game in the form of teams to compete with and against each other in a variety of events hosted by a variety of guilds. The idea of the Pro Tour came about from wanting a fun event to play throughout the year. The World Champion is what we all look forward to as competitive players. Events like the Pro Tour keep that excitement going. The Pro Tour provides a competitive environment that keeps players wanting to come back for more!

2016 is the first of hopefully many years that the Pro Tour will be taking place. We from ShadowEra.Net hope that you enjoy this great event. If your guild is not hosting and you would like to host events in future Pro Tours, please contact SamuelJ. You can find him on the forums or on Telegram.


The Pro Tour system works on the basis of teams. Each team may consist of up to 6 members. Each member on a team must belong to the same guild and guilds may have multiple teams with no limit to the amount of teams created. Each team should have a name associated with their guild (i.e. RS Shining Stars).

If guild members who cannot find a team or players without a guild would like to participate, they may form their own team with a generic association (i.e. SE Outcasts).

A team may replace a player that drops out at any time. The new player starts with 0 points but the team itself does not lose any points that the dropped out player earned for them.


Players sign up individually for Pro Tour events. When a player ranks high enough to earn points in an event, that player earns points. Each player’s points are added to their team score. Team scores and Player scores determine who plays in the Pro Tour Playoffs.


The Pro Tour playoffs is a 2-day event. For 2016, the Playoffs will take place on Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2. 16 players are invited to the playoffs chosen based on Team and Player scores.

The 1st place scoring Team sends their top 6 scoring Players to the playoffs. The 2nd place teams sends their top 4 scoring Players. The 3rd place team sends their top 3 scoring Players. The 4th place team sends their top 2 scoring Players. And the 5th place team sends their top scoring Player.

A player must have participated in at least 5 Pro Tour events with their team in order to play in the Playoffs (i.e. someone from the team drops last minute to send someone else to the playoffs). A player cannot drop for one team to play with another team for the playoffs. If a player would’ve played in the playoffs but was disqualified for these reasons, then the next highest scoring player in the Pro Tour that isn’t already in the playoffs is chosen to play.

The top 4 players in the Pro Tour Playoffs earn qualifications for the World Championship Grand Finals.

Event Types

There are four types of Pro Tour events: Grand (min 64-player, multi-week event), Major (min 32-player, multi-week event), Minor (min 16-player, one- or two-day event), and Small (min 8-player, one-day event).

Each event type rewards a different amount of points.

Rank Grand Major Minor Small
1st 16 12 8 4
2nd 14 10 6 3
3rd 12 8 4 2
4th 10 6 3
5th 8 4 2
6th 6 3
7th 4 2
8th 3
9th 2

Tournament Organizer Rules

Tournament Organizers must have a Challonge link for their events. These links will be used to review if there are any questions about how points were earned. There are also important rules to know if you are a TO or thinking of being a TO for future Pro Tour events.


Deck size restrictions are allowed (i.e. Max of 60 cards, Min of 50 cards, Min of 12 allies, etc.).
Specific formats are allowed (i.e. Can only use a hero once, Can only use a class once, Min of 12 tribal allies, etc).

Not allowed:

Banning cards or sets is not allowed (i.e. a tournament with only COTC cards, Banning Lone Wolf, etc.) with the exception of Wulven banning certain cards in general (i.e. original Garina Road).
Best-of-1 rounds is not allowed, each round should be at least Best-of-3.
Tournament size restrictions are not allowed (i.e. Cannot turn players away from participating unless player is banned by Wulven).
Team formats are not allowed since the Pro Tour is already team based.
Match rigging is not allowed (i.e. arranging matchups to give your guild or team an edge. If round 1 is adjusted so guild or team members are not playing each other, this must be done for all teams and guilds equally).

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