Path to Immortality: An A1 Alliance Tournament!

Alliance One’s very own Deja Vu recently held a 32-player tournament. It was a deck lock event with a 10-card sideboard. The tournament was won by TJ Opyo0 playing Banebow with BP Lorgi playing Garth Ravensoul coming in second. The top 3 contestants each posted their decks.

In 3rd place, 17 Shining’s Gravebone:

His sideboard included:

3x Acid Jeticon
2x Ley Line Nexusicon
1x Amulet of Conjuringicon
1x Supernovaicon
3x Nocturnal Advantageicon


In 2nd place was BP Lorgi with Garth Ravensoul:

His sideboard included:

1x Anarchic Lootingicon
1x Lily Roseculticon
1x Eriss Fateweavericon
1x Road Less Traveledicon
1x Garth’s Concoction
1x Nowhere To Hideicon
2x Armored Sandwormicon
2x Black Garbicon


Finishing first was TJ Opyo0 with Banebow:

His sideboard included:

2x Shriekicon of Revulsion
3x Acid Jeticon
2x Furrion Terroricon
1x Death Collectoricon
1x Morbid Acolyteicon
1x Soul Seekericon


The final brackets were:

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