Moonstalker – Whip It

With SF and new cards that support undead tribe Moonstalker has become even more annoying. With stealth and damage reduction provided by Grave Resistance Moonstalker’s normally bad match ups are now significantly mitigated making him in my opinion tier 1 hero.

Key Cards: Grave Resistance, Gromm’s Whip

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: 2/5






At first look there’s nothing special about it, but main strength of deck lies in its insane draw power. Coupled with Grave Resistance your super Gargs army should give trouble to most heroes. Only variation I have is Gromm’s Whip. Some short notes about it:

Synergy: Allies will get buff but will not get damaged while Grave Resistance is in play.
Utility: Weapon has total of 3 to 4 damage output per turn. 3 if you use it on enemy ally (ping damage + attack with weapon), 4 if you use on your ally (2 from buff, 2 from attack with weapon). Over 4 turns that is 12 to 16 damage produced.

I chose it over Overwhelm as later one is win more card to me. I had it before but never got a chance to get big value of it. You can play Gromm’s Whip anytime. This however will make you weaker in mirror matches as I’ve seen other Moonstalker use Overwhelm.

I felt no need for item destruction so far.

Openings are pretty standard with two variations:

1. Against fast decks

T2 Harbringer with Grave Resistance
T3 3cc ally of choice
T4 NYM/Death from Above + Blood Moon or DC’s ability

2. Against slow decks

T2 Blood Moon
T3 Scheuth Tombstone
T4 3cc ally + NYM/Death from above

In 40 games, deck averaged at 82% win rate with maximum rating of 325. There is no real bad match in sense it is auto loss. A lot will depend on your early set up, how much you draw and how much damage you take early on if against heroes with direct damage.

If I am to change something it is to add Shadow Font because Gromm’s Whip eats your SE after all. However if used correctly Whip will allow you to control the board without the need for your ability.

Here is example gameplay video:


I hope you’llĀ  give it a try and enjoy playing it.

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