Homungous Garth

Hello everyone, by popular demand here is my new take on Monster Garth for LL. It’s huge and full of homunculi, get it? The premise is similar to other Monster Garth decks – lots of generally useful stuff. To understand why one would try to make a deck like this, take a look at my other recent article.

Basically it’s Monster Garth, but featuring a few themes that are made possible by LL. Seek allows for alternate draw engines – making a confluence of fate attachment theme possible. Troll, packbeast and vigilant wisp round out the homuncs, allowing for a “tough guy” theme. Lastly, the limited number of pure rush decks means that a 2cc ally is no longer as important as it used to be for Garth, meaning I can open this deck up to more expensive allies. There are certain types of tech that are missing – I guess I can include sorceror of endia if I see a need for it. So far, though it seems solid and versatile.

There are many themes here – in broad strokes, they boil down to holding board, taking board, draw and utility

Holding Board – 33
4 x Vigilant wisp – not too hard to kill, but 5hp for 2cc is nice
4 x Night Owl – stealth to hold or take back the board
4 x Eternal Troll – along with clockworks these make up part of the core of the deck – they are tough to kill and are a partial counter to supernova/tidal wave.
4 x Armored Packbeast – these guys are hard to kill, there are loads of attachments that can buff them to make them take out an ally, also Thunderstrike construct. The result is that the opponent needs to take them out.
4 x Fortified Wisp – another hard to kill ally – with garth, attachments and thunderstrike, they’re often swinging for much more than 1, which makes getting that first 1-2 kills relatively easy.
4 x Clockwork Soldier – another hard to kill ally
4 x General of Unaxio – loads of hps also free seek
4 x Thunderstrike Construct – this guy combos really nicely with vigiland wisp – search for him, then use him to buff wisp to take out an ally that you just debuffed (also combos with the other homuncs).
3 x Braxnorian Soldier – helps against haste decks, helps get a lock also helps take board vs weenies (since they can’t attack him).

Taking Board – 24
4 x Anklebreaker – of course
2 x spirit shuriken- only 2 because I use void plains for a similar purpose
1 x Coercion – I put this in because general can seek it. It also combos with CoF for draw, and can steal a buffed up super-ally to perform a knockout hit.
4 x Night Owl – stealth means I can drop this when I need it.
4 x Sabreen – this is an excellent way to come back onto the board. Considering the solid draw, discarding is well worth it.
3 x Braxnorian Soldier
2 x Overwhelm – a nice surprise for taking or holding the board
4 x Yahari- I have a lot of 3cc allies in here, but using void plains at the right time is great, also replaces shuriken nicely.
-holding board allies can help here as well

Draw – 35
4x Vigilant Wisp
4x Night Owl
4x General of Unaxio
4x Backstab
4x Treasured Heirloom
2x Bad Santa
3x Confluence of Fate – surprisingly useful because of generals.
2x Anarchic Looting
4x Ill-Gotten Gains
4x Yahari – not ideal but this can become some nice bilateral draw in some games. Having loads of cards, I can get away with not using garth’s ability – especially if the opponent can’t use theirs.

Utility / tech – 22
1x A Legend Rises – nice combined with generals to pull them out against warriors
1x Nowhere To Hide – tech for MS – with general
2x Anarchic Looting
4x Stop, Thief!
2x Sinkhole
4x Armored Packbeast – nice against aggro decks (without supernovas) – I can seek these guys with my vigilant wisps, which helps come back from an early beatdown.
4x Yahari – also location tech – cover it up
4x Sabreen, Hand of Unaxio – this is tech against stealth – it sort of replaces garth’s concoction.


Playing the deck:

There are a few special tricks to playing this deck – one is that seek is your friend.

Vigilant wisp can pull a lot of really useful things from your deck including packbeast (great against pure aggro), fortified wisp (great against damage based removal), eternal troll (great against board wipes) and Thunderstrike Golem – for your own removal.

General of Unaxio can pull Confluence of fate – to set up a solid draw engine in combination with the many attachments scattered through this deck. Later he can pull backstabs or other attachments as tech.

The stance you take is defensive – you want to put things on the board that will be hard for the opponents to deal with. The more cards they waste killing your stuff, the more in-control you’ll be. Here’s where seek and knowing your opponents comes into play. Seek the cards that will give them headaches. The cards are somewhat expensive, but there’s some very solid draw in here, so you should be aiming for lots of resources. I am often sacrificing cards – probably every turn until T5 and then at least every other turn. By the end of most games with this deck, I’ve drawn through at least half my deck and have  10+ resources.

I think it’s possible to make this deck bigger. It’s also probably a good idea to lower the resource curve…when I made the deck, the meta was sort of slow. It’s sped up since then, so if you’re having trouble, consider ways to add in more 2cc allies or allies like layarian seductress and sword thief.

Lastly, I plan to demonstrate this deck in action on an upcoming Trolling it up episode. Sam’s been busy lately, so as soon as we’re able, you’ll be seeing trolls.


About Bob Ross

BobRoss has been using the pseudonym (based on the television painter, Bob Ross) since he first got AOL in 1993. He's got a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has been an avid video game player and computer user his whole life. He used to love Magic The Gathering, also way back in those AOL days, and has been playing Shadow Era almost since its inception. He has been mostly a casual gamer, but recently took a more active role in the community with several articles on Shadowera.net and by participating in the World Championship tournaments, where he earned the title of Regional Champion for Europe and Africa (although he lives in New York).
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  1. I’ve been trying to net deck this for quite awhile. Thanks for posting and the great description.

  2. Great idea and nice article

  3. Thanks for posting Bob. As usual your decks are very solid while being fun to play around with. I took a break for a while and it’s a whole new game now so articles and contributions like yours help players catch up. Can’t wait for your next post. Again your contributions are appreciated

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