Gwenneth Truly Sighted

Whenever I run into Gwen in a quick game, I always assume that she is running a solo deck, having no allies. I decided I wanted to make an allied version that could do well in the meta. So here is my take on a successful, allied, quick game Gwen.

Key Cards: Weevil-tipped Crossbow, Hunter’s Gambit, Deepwood Bobcat

Speed: Medium

Difficulty: 4/5




I believe the most important card in the deck is Weevil-tipped Crossbow. It can serve as early ally removal or as a great weapon/armor removal. If you play the card correctly it can last a majority of the game.

Puwen is one of my favorite t2 drops and this deck does best when it has early presence on the board. If you miss getting Puwen out, it is always nice to have a poison arrow to delay your opponent.

The deck really shines around turns 5 and 6 when you can get rapid fire out or haste a bobcat onto the board. It is not too hard to regain control of the board at this point.

Do not ever sacrifice a Hunter’s Gambit or a Treasured Heirloom. Ever.

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SamuelJ, also known by some as Samdroid, is an avid gamer and a champion of justice. Half man, half machine, all player.
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