1lluminati in 7enebris is a guild that was born with the aim to group Italian players and give them the opportunity to discuss strategies in their own language. The acronym of the guild is 17 because it looks like IT, the abbreviation of Italy

A1 is the oldest competitive guild, the first multi game guild, and home to several world champions across multiple games. We are a close knit family that is driven to dominate the meta and expand the community.

Alpha Predator is a close knit team of players that strive to continue improving our skills in the world of Shadow Era. We do our best and let our actions speak for themselves, while being respectful to all other players.

E2E is a Christian gaming community that exists to glorify God first and foremost. God comes first and games come second. Our mission is to represent Christ well in all that we do, tell others about the Gospel message and be a real blessing to our members and to the Shadow Era community.

KA (Kylin Assassin) is formed based on the philosophy of “sharing and communicating”. We aim to help Chinese-speaking players to enjoy the game at both competitive and casual levels. We don’t require skills to join, while we do have skills to win.

ROK is a Korean guild formed with the base of friendship and unity. We seek to aid Korean players enjoy the game in the level they desire.

In ETC, we are people first and players second; enjoyment always comes before winning, and we aim to have a positive impact on the community to help everyone, regardless of their guild or their priorities, enjoy themselves more as well.

Team Juggernauts is a team of advanced level players and players wishing to focus on winning the major top competitions of Shadow Era. We show our prowess in-game, not through trash talk and insults.

Whether an old player or a new one, experienced or inexperienced, pro or amateur, seasoned player or just a casual one, member of a guild or wandering on SE forums without a guild, it doesn’t matter at all here. Anyone can be a part of this guild.

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