Gravebone: Rolling Ping

Key cards: sun-blighted one, sacrificial lamb

Speed: fast

Difficulty: 2/5


Now since I ever started playing shadow era one hero caught my attention. Gravebone.
Why Gravebone? Because many said he was useless, non competitive,
And his abillity is just outright redundent.

And for that reason before call of the call of the crystals. He became my first hero of choice.
I spent months perfecting him.
Then dark prophecies came out.
And because of certain cards I was able to synergize very well, and it won me a tournament.
I felt I made an accomplishment,”.

Then shattered fates was released and a few of my guild mates asked
“How will rolling ping strive?”
Well I said that it’s too easy when your deck is solid upgrading is only the fun part when new sets come out and the deck list above is the result on how it’s played today same concept, different cards to control.


The decks design was intended the way it was meant to play: quick low cost draw. Allies that deal damage on summon. Shadow energy boost. And hard Burn
Even the strategy is amazing being able to kill your opponent without even having your allies enter combat. Don’t get me wrong if you can deal combat damage do it, your just that much closer to winning.

Shadow energy/Draw engine

What is so amazing is that Gravebone’s ability actually has synergy with it’s main draw engine
Sacrificial lamb. Resurrect sun-blighted one, then sacrificial lamb you ping one damage and draw three cards, and sun-blighted one 90% of the time will die after being resurrected he’s a three casting cost 5/4 he’s too easy to kill off so make use of the sacrificial lamb and draw three cards that you can use to fight back mages have burn spells and this deck has them so make use of cheap draw cards that draw effectively and burn your opponent out

Ley line nexus/ shriek of revulsion

The reasons I run two ley line nexus, and two shriek of revulsion is because rouges will always run at least two spell eater bands and this decks main win condition is abillity damage, and shriek of revulsion takes away control cards like cripple blow and I love finishing of warriors feeling safe behind that ten points of life that enrage gives.

Deck Basics

• control board with lightning strike and super nova and death Mage Thaddeus. Fireball is a last resort

• only use sacrificial lamb if you know your opponent has the ability to kill him after resurrection

• Twisted familiar is effective against heroes that tend to board wipe so stack them up!

• Burn, Burn, Burn!!!!!!

Deck Optimization

This deck does not need to go past Eight resources. There are times I have made that mistake.
But it doesn’t need to go pas that unless your trying for a triple fireball which is very rare. This deck usually wins by turn eight or turn nine. You draw so much that you can afford to sacrifice every turn. Some cards you won’t even need at all in some instances. Sacrificing cards for resources is very simple to choose. Common sense helps that decision making as well. Eight is Great

Cool Tricks!

mages have a very straight forward strategy burn and control.and their current card pool helps this deck have some mean tricks.

Twisted Familiar

Play him on turn two and when turn 3 comes along play a three cost ally (sun-blighted one or death collector of possible) then use his ability then bad Santa!
Or if going second. play Sun-blighted one turn three and activate twisted familiars ability
Then sacrificial Lamb sun-blighted one then use Gravebone’s ability to bring him back the swing twisted familiar at opposing hero. The result: 3 damage, and a 3 card pick up and you have a 5/4 on the board all on turn three!
So much better then turn four dakarath.

Transmogrification Curse

This card is the best arsenal a Mage can have. Ally too tough? Well for four resources and one shadow energy it becomes a useless item. But before using it check of you have four shadow energy and sun-blighted one in the grave if so. Resurrect him first then play transmog curse that way you solve a problem and give a problem to your opponent.


Overall this decks performance is amazing. Once mastered it can take on any tier one deck. Any competitive deck. It has a real good chance. Because it has answers, a great draw engine, and a lot of burn cards to love. But you have to realize that sun-blighted one and death Mage Thaddeus need to be treated as if it was a burn spell. By doing so you’ll be able to plan ahead of time and know what to do.
Ping,draw, and burn and repeat that cycle as quickly as possible, this deck is complete Aggro. Aggro at it’s purest form.

Reasons to play Gravebone Rolling Ping.

• being able to quickly draw for a low cost and burn your opponent quickly.

• it’s a fast paced deck and very competitive.

• it’s a very unique variation of Gravebone. This deck is very rare to see played in the current meta.

• a deck that’s competitive in tournaments/quick matches for a affordable price of: 10,480 gold.

Unfortunately I do not have a demo video for this deck. It’s a real shame because it’s a very effective deck and very consistent.

I hope you enjoyed the read and I also hope who ever is reading this picks it up and gives it a go.
This deck I have been working on and improving for over two years now. And it’s still effective.

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  1. I really like this concept. I don’t think I’ve gotten to play against this deck but looking forward to it. As rogue, lately I actually don’t run Spelleater Bands – it’s scary death racing mages, but it’s certainly more fun than hiding behind the armor. I still manage to do ok vs the Loest rush decks that are so popular right now. Not sure how I’d do vs this though.

  2. I have been looking for some interesting GB deck, I will try this one for sure. Thx! 😉

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