Garth’s Big Butts

One of the problems with the changes to Thoughtripper’s Cutlass is that popular Garth decks based on abusing Cutlass got a bit of a nerf.  I thought I’d give Garth a try now that he’s not top dog anymore. This is a new deck I just put together and tested a few times, I’ve had ok success with it, but I’m still getting to know the deck and have made some mistakes in my losses, so I think it has potential.

Essentially the goal is to flood the board with tough allies (hence “big butts”) and establish control with Anklebreaker, followed by Night Prowler.


Wily Smuggler: the deck was sort of built around this guy, he can accomplish a lot of useful turn 4 combos in conjunction with Ill-Gotten Gains and any of the 2cc cards (Retreat, Backstab, Nightshade, Zealous Mystic).  He can accomplish similar things on Turn 5, accompanying Anklebreaker with other solid cards. He can also play a 2cc ally on Turn 4, then play The Last Harvest, get the refund, and then activate it.  Between all these little tricks, he’s really a centerpiece for this deck.

Nightshade + Midnight Sentinel: This is a solid T2+3 play, that then can lead to some good T4 plays as well.

Backstab + Zealous Mystic: This is an excellent T4 combo, buff an ally with Backstab, attack, then play Mystic and move Backstab to them

Night Prowler: This card is scary when it’s out, but also easy to deal with with just a little bit of board presence.  However, between all those big butts that Garth has been playing T1-4 and all of his control combos, he should have board control and plenty of SE left to deal with additional threats by T6.  That’s when the Prowler can come out and start making the opponent hurt.  This forces the opponent into tough choices, like play suboptimal cards just to get them out of hand, or making desparation plays to take out Night Prowler.  I’m fine with either of those as long as I’ve still got the board.  Even though it’s tempting, Night Prowler is not the goal, it’s board control, damage and fat allies.


A note on attachments: I haven’t seen many attachment heavy decks lately.  This deck can deal with them through Zealous Mystic and Sorceror of Endia, but depending on the meta, may need some A Legend Rises thrown in.  Similarly, Stop Thief is good here, but could be replaced partially with Anarchic Looting.  Just some things to think about.

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BobRoss has been using the pseudonym (based on the television painter, Bob Ross) since he first got AOL in 1993. He's got a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has been an avid video game player and computer user his whole life. He used to love Magic The Gathering, also way back in those AOL days, and has been playing Shadow Era almost since its inception. He has been mostly a casual gamer, but recently took a more active role in the community with several articles on and by participating in the World Championship tournaments, where he earned the title of Regional Champion for Europe and Africa (although he lives in New York).
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  1. You made a Garth deck 😀 I’ll have to test this out as a semi-main Garth player.

  2. Hope you like it! After some testing I subbed out those Night Prowlers for 2x Overhelm, and it is still working pretty well. I’m hanging around 300-305 rating right now.

  3. Very solid deck the overwhelm suprised me! Good reach too good job!

  4. Thanks Leviosablade. As always, playing against your haste-bomb deck is both fun and terrifying.

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