Elementalis by Edgenel [v.2.86]

This is v.2.86 Elementalis deck by Edgenel who achieved No.1 on the both rating and scoring ranking with the underused hero.
Edgenel has been known as a master of Elementalis. His love for Ele is insurmountable that nobody has ever seen him playing other heroes…

Key Cards: Dimension Ripper, Murderous Hulk, Meat Wagon

Speed: Fast

Difficulty: 2/5



Deck Concept


Ally, ally and ally. This is aggro beatdown. You are always the aggressor and opponent should always be forced to be reactive against Ele’s allies. Turn 5 Dimension Ripper provides damage on board as well as draw. The deck works like Good Stuff deck with many different utility allies.



While some of the card choices are obvious, I’d like to explain on peculiar cards that made it into the list.

Wulven Scout
Being able to look at opponent’s hand and to know what control tools they have in their hand is particularly helpful for Ele. When you are Ele, normally you buff an ally hoping that the ally doesn’t get killed easily. But with Scout, you can choose to buff or not because you know what is going to happen next. Even if Scout is killed on the following turn, you get to see their hand and made them spend a card and resources to kill it – meaning your next ally is likely to survive.

Stardust Extractor
This ally is like 4cc 3/5, or 3cc 2/4 and 1cc draw a card – which is not great. However, it does its job even if it gets Crippling Blow or Zail’s Hymn and Steadfast is sometimes relevant.

Contaminated Water
It is not an ally, but it does help you control the board just like any other 3cc ally. -1 health reduction is like a haste ally dealing damage to every opponent allies. It’s almost like a mini Furrion Terror if you like. Even though CW can be destroyed by opponent, 3SE is normally worths an ally removal. Opponent destroying CW for 3SE┬ámeans that your ally is likely to survive longer, so you never actually lose tempo by playing CW. Only the downside is that Ele cannot buff it, so just 1 copy in the deck. CW is not a bad card.

Meat Wagon
It was initially added to counter Discard Zaladar to make Garg 3/5 or 3/7 Hulk. Edgenel had x4 Meat Wagon when Zal was everywhere, but currently he only runs 1. With Bad santa, Dimension Ripper and Harbinger, you can almost always change the top of your deck to get the buff from Meat Wagon. Some say letting opponent know your next draw is dangerous, but you also get to know your next draw before you make a move. Together with Dimension Ripper’s swapping draw, showing deck top is not as disadvantageous as you may think. In addition, Meat Wagon and Contaminated Water gives you an edge against heroes with board wipe, as well as against Yari Marksman and Spirit Shuriken. These two cards and Dimension Ripper provides a way to rack up your board other than by playing more allies.

Dimension Ripper
DR is not expected in Ele deck? According to Edgenel, DR is auto x4 include. Weapon usage + 6 damage output + draw engine is what makes Ele competitive.


The deck was shared in JP Shadow Era SNS (shadowera.sns-park.com/) in Japanese. This article is written by Kylt with permission from the creator, Edgenel.

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  1. I’ve been trying to figure out his deck for a while! Thanks for the post!

    Pretty sure he updates his deck according to what he seems to be facing at the time. Constantly shifting. It’s what makes SE great in my humble opinion.

  2. I got to face him playing this deck once – he totally wrecked me!

  3. I’ve faced this deck a few times (usually when I was Garth)…I’ve won some and lost some, but it’s definitely a very strong deck…nice build and thanks for sharing!

  4. well,im currently using this deck and its good.!! but if i may,would it be something if we added VORACIOUS ARACHNID in place of INFERNAL GARGOYAL????? i mean it could cause some serious damage with its ability and that of elementalis combined???is it possible???

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