Eladwen: The Familiar Sorceress

Eladwen has always been seen as one of the top heroes with the abuse of hasted allies and powerful burn. This deck proves she can be strong playing a slower, more controlling game. Eladwen and the other Magi gained some fun toys with Shattered Fates. This deck uses a few of them.

Key Cards: Amulet of Conjuring, Transmogrification Curse, Sorcerer of Endia

Speed: Medium

Difficultly: 3/5



The traditional Eladwen is heavily reliant on burn cards. This deck uses Fireball and Lightning Strike as a backup plan instead.

Drawptions – This deck packs 9 draw options. The main draw is the improved Amulet of Conjuring. It is smart to wait until later in the game when you can afford to lose resources (5 or higher). I prefer to play Treasured Heirloom with 4 resources and paired with Zailen Crusader to get the least expensive benefit from it. Tome of Knowledge is used mainly as a backup draw, I mostly use it when I have no other uses for my resources.

Fatebreak familiar is a great card in this deck. It takes care of many opposing drawptions (draw options) including Treasured Heirloom, Hunter’s Gambit, Blood Moon, and Blood Frenzy.

Transmogrification Curse is the decks best defense against fat allies. It also helps make Sorcerer of Endia shine by giving the opponent more items for him to destroy.

Layarian Seductress pairs very well with Amulet of Conjuring. Do not be afraid to knock yourself down a resource to activate Seductress’s passive ability. Another way of slowing down opposing allies is to get Jasmine out quickly.

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  1. This is very cool. I’m not normally a fan of Eladwen because the rush focus was so boring for me (to play and play against). Turning it into control is very nice. I also really like your point about Seductress comboing with amulet. Have you considered or tried doing that with Sandra Trueblade? It’s hard to get her to work well, but I’d love to see a deck that can pull it off.

    • Samuel Hendrickson

      Sandra..That may actually be a great idea. Makes me think about playing a Shadow Mage with Amulet and Here Be Monsters. Rush was also one of my least favorite.

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